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5 areas where colleges student may face challenges

What to choose?

College is the first step of professional education. No matter what you did in school, college is a different place from school. Choosing the field of study is the only important thing before the start of college. It doesn’t matter how far away your college is or how long you have to travel to get there. What matters is the choice you have made. The wrong choice will waste 2.5 years of your education because you will either score badly and get horrible grades which will force you to switch fields. Instead of going with the flow or following what your friends have done, you have to assess your aptitude for the field you want to study in. Be sure to learn more before you make a choice regarding your career choice.

A different system than school (colleges student)

In school, you have been used to following a similar routine for several years, having the same teachers, and being with the same kids through secondary classes. When you get into college, it is a new world. Adjusting to the new environment might be difficult and making new friends will be another obstacle. When it comes to the teaching system there is another shock waiting, no one will ask you to copy the stuff off the board in your copy nor will it get checked. Absolutely no pressure from the lecturer to make notes, prepare for assessment or even attend the class (except for science students where attendance is compulsory to attend practical classes).

Ninis Tutor Academy

Nini’s Tutor academy offers home tuition in Lahore to overcome the flaws in students. A student who enters this atmosphere of semi-strictness is sure to lose way and relax to the point where they get a nearly 20% reduction in marks when compared to what they scored in school exams.

Lack of accountability (colleges student)

Since there is no accountability, any student who doesn’t have strict elders at home to keep them on track will suffer in the long run when they barely manage to pass out from college and their marks are not enough to get them in a good university.

Study material

There are lectures given by lecturers and professors in the college but they are rarely copied down because of the absence of a checking system. This leads to a gap in the learning process and precious time is wasted when no learning is being done at all. When exams are around the corner there is a scramble to gather material and go for crash courses of famous names in the college education. Most of the time this is not enough, hence the loss of around 20% marks from the score of secondary school exams.

Loss of motivation

When the student gets into college, sometimes they may lose motivation after some time due to the absence of a strict routine, difficulty in understanding content, going through the research routine to prepare for study material. In order to overcome the loss of aptitude for studying, parents are advised to make sure they have a tutor to keep them on track.

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