5 ways for an effective Ad campaign for beauty products

Beauty is pain. Now that is a sentiment one would have to agree on as currently valued over $425 billion dollars Cosmetic/Beauty Industry. For beauty products has grown leaps and bounds into what it is today, And the most important role in their growth has undoubtedly been played by Advertising and Marketing Agency.

History of Beauty Products:

Starting from humble beginnings of over 4,000 BC years ago in ancient Egypt beauty industries very first products were detected. In the form of them using Kohl to create Dramatic eyes has now evolved into a worldwide industry. 

Although the major players of the industry are still limited to a few brands the market share & impact they share has been enormous, following have been the reason for this vast expansion.

  • Role of Advertising And Marketing Agency: Telling you what you want to hear has been the expertise of all the greatest Advertising & Marketing Agencies. It is the same reason why their efforts have resulted in the rise of the Cosmetic Industry.
  • Gullibility: Insecurity among people of how they look and how they should look. Have been one of the major reasons for the expansion of the cosmetic industry.

Role of an Effective Marketing Campaign vs Ineffective Campaign:

An Effective Marketing Campaign basically makes people remember whatever you were trying to tell them. If the consumer can remember the unique positioning of your brand, you have grabbed their utmost attention. Then it means you are part of an effective marketing campaign.

And if your consumer is unable to understand & remember any of your positionings then it means your campaign has been ineffective. Following are the features of an effective & ineffective marketing campaign:

Effective Marketing Campaign For Beauty Products:

  • Maintenance of Brand Positioning: Every brand has developed a mental image of itself in consumers’ minds. And an effective campaign always does two things when they are trying to achieve their goal. The first one is to always deliver the message they wanted to. And the second is the maintenance of brand position so the consumer doesn’t get confused with what the brand is trying to convey.
  • Keep it Simple: Brands that keep their communication and message as simple as possible always yield the maximum amount of results.

Ineffective Marketing Campaign:

  • Confusing Message: When Brands get overambitious with their campaigns and expect unrealistic results, Then the message of the campaign can greatly confuse the intended audience which results in an ineffective campaign
  • Alienating Loyal Customers: In order to gain new customers. For your brand, the biggest cardinal sin a brand can commit is to alienate its current customers. By taking an approach unfit for them. For every brand, 80% of the sale is always conducted through loyal customers. And in order to increase the size of that other 20 % if you mess up 80%, that means you are part of an ineffective campaign.

Beauty Industry of Current Market:

Currently valued at above $425 Billion Dollars beauty industry is one of the rarest industries. Which has every year since its inception has only seen a rise in its use and popularity.The beauty industry was an industry that still witnessed a 5.5% growth and the following were the reason for their constant growth

  • Social Media: With it being the most consumed medium of media. Social Media has proven to be a cheaper and more effective way to market beauty products.
  • Beauty Influencers: Presenting a pristine perfect life have heavily influenced the decision of everyday folks. To achieve the same amount of beauty they see day in and day out by beauty influencers. And due to the beauty products have seen a huge growth in recent years.
  • Pandemic: With most of the world sitting at home people need a pass time/hobby to stay sane. And beautifying yourself has an element of gratuity which is hard to match by many other things. That’s why pandemics directly helped with the growth of the beauty industry.

Future of Beauty Products & Their Industry:

Although Beauty products of its major players like Loreal, Unilever & P&G have witnessed growth for a longer period of time. With the ever-developing environment of the industry, many new independent players have come into the diaspora.

And are competing to the best of their abilities to give a tough time to the big three and the only way these new independent brands stand a chance against the giants is if they have the help of effective Ad Campaigns

Effective Ad Campaign for beauty products:

  • Partner with a Medium Size Advertising and Marketing Agency: Small Agency doesn’t have the legs to make your brand stand out while big agencies will never provide the personal touch required for growth so partner with a medium-size perfect partner like Mystic Advertising for unparalleled growth
  • Micromanagement Kills the Business: When you have an Advertising & Marketing Agency onboard you should trust them to carry a campaign out by themselves as they understand the voice of the brand, constant micromanagement can only result in unproductivity and ineffective campaigns.
  • Relatable Influencers: Word of mouth has always been the most effective marketing tool and will forever be. Putting a face to word of mouth is what influencers are but people are more likely to trust an average looking relatable influencer than a supermodel-looking one.
  • Giveaways: Who doesn’t love a freebie?
  • Upfront information of the Product: Brands who are upfront about their brands’ process of what the product is. How it is made, what their mission & vision is, get a lot more support from the general public as it forms a bond of trust between them.

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