Can the compressor be used as a pressure washer?

If you love to spend your free time doing manual work and small domestic repairs, you are certainly familiar with the usefulness of a compressor: this tool, in fact, allows you to carry out various applications, from tire inflation to painting. Given its versatility, you are perhaps wondering if it is possible to use the compressor also as a pressure washer for washing surfaces, for example the car. The idea of ​​using it in this way is not entirely wrong, but what are its real performances? Are they really comparable to those of a pressure washer? Let’s find out together.

Compressor or pressure washer: what are the differences?

Both the pressure washer and the compressor are very useful products in the home and hobby. The high pressure cleaners, thanks to the pump they are equip with, have the function of delivering a high pressure water jet necessary for carrying out various cleaning operations. Compressors, on the other hand, are use to increase the pressure of a gas or vapor to generate energy, allowing various uses to be carry out.


Pressure washers are specifically design for washing , but compressors could also be use for this purpose. So which product to buy to clean surfaces? Can we avoid buying a pressure washer if we already have a good compressor in the garage, or will this not be enough to get good results? Let’s analyze both options better and see if a compressor or a pressure washer is more convenient.

Pressure washer: the perfect solution for car and outdoor home care

The pressure washer responds to the need to clean certain spaces, often characterize by stubborn dirt, with more speed and less effort. Think of a gray exterior floor, a wall full of moss, a muddy car: thanks to the pressure washer, we can intervene much more quickly and effectively than we would with a normal garden hose, saving time and sweat.


The efficiency of this machine lies in the good combination of pressure and flow rate values, where the flow rate refers to the amount of water that the instrument can deliver in a given period of time, while the pressure indicates the force of the jet. It must be said that not all pressure washers are the same and that they do not have the same power: based on the work we have to do and the frequency of use, we will have to choose the most suitable model .

However, keep in mind that, generally, a good pressure washer for occasional domestic use is already able to work with a pressure of 100/120 bar and with a flow rate of at least 350 l / h . Without forgetting the possibility of using specific detergents and target accessories that further increase the cleaning power, allowing you to achieve flawless results with minimal effort.


Using the compressor as a pressure washer: a feasible undertaking?

If you love to dedicate yourself to “do it yourself”, as we mention earlier, you probably already know the many uses of a compressor, many of which can be implement with the addition of specific accessories. Among the possible uses of this tool, in the home, there is the inflation of tires – undoubtedly one of the most usual uses – the removal of dust and dirt, painting and the operation of tools of various kinds. In addition, combined with a special air-water gun,

the compressor could also be use to wash surfaces(since there are different types of compressors on the market, for this purpose it is better to avoid a model with a tank that is too small; otherwise, you risk having to stop work often to allow the device to recharge the air). Is it therefore possible to make a  washer with a compressor? What performance does this solution guarantee?

Compressor or pressure washer: which one to choose between the two?

Although it is possible to use a compressor for washing operations, its performance will by no means be comparable to that of a pressure washer . The compressor, in fact, is not able to offer the same power as this machine and its efficiency will be much lower. If you are wondering whether to opt for a compressor or a pressure washer, then know that the former is not the ideal solution to act on the most intense dirt or to take care of vehicles. and large outdoor spaces quickly and effectively. We reiterate that it is a valuable product for many applications (for example, as regards cleaning the car, there are guns that can be combine with the compressor that are very useful for the interiors) but it cannot be compare to a  washer, which remains the option. more valid when it comes to washing.

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