Going For A Long Trip? Tyre Care Tips To Know About Before

Gearing up for your long trip with friends and family? But is your car ready for the road challenges? While you might be packing up all the essentials you need for your trip, often car owners neglect their car and most importantly, the tyres. Your tyres could either make or break your journey, nobody wants to get stranded in the middle of the road; especially at midnight or without a mechanic for miles.

Your tyres should be in their prime condition before you embark on your journey so that you have a smoother ride all throughout. Do not know how to take care of your tyre and inspect it? This checklist would help you take care of your tyres before you set off for your great big trip.

Check The Tyre Pressure

This should not be avoided under any circumstances. While tyre pressure might feel like a negligible factor, tyre pressure is what contributes to a smooth drive every time. It also increases grip ability and cornering and helps you ride safely. It is not always possible to determine with naked eyes whether the Car Tyres London are running on low tyre pressure or not.

Invest in a pressure gauge and inflator before your trip so that you can find a temporary solution if a puncture happens and until you find a mechanic. Every week pressure could reduce by 2 PSI, so be careful. Different tyres come with different tyre pressure requirements and your car manual will have the necessary information.

Get Your Knees Dirty

Just like your tyres, the car’s underside also requires your attention as they are always exposed to the road, dirt, gravel and can deteriorate faster if the right care is not given. Get down on your knees and closely observe your tyres and look for any bruises, cracks or even bumps. If they can be repaired, contact your mechanic or replace them completely.

You do not want tyre issues when already on the road and towards your trip destination. Tyres and baldness do not go side by side, therefore check the tread closely as well. Good tread would stay between 8mm to 4mm. The legal limit below which it is punishable is 1.6mm.

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Rotate Your Tyres Before The Trip

Another helpful tip that could help you prevent unwanted issues with your tyres. If carrying your spare tyres with you, make sure before the trip, you get the tyres rotated. Rotating ensures the tyres would wear out equally no matter whether it is fitted at the rear or the front. Unequal wear and tear of the tyre can cause vibrations even while driving on a smooth road.

It is recommended that you get your car tyres rotated after completing a minimum of 5,000 miles and a maximum of 8,000 miles. If you do not opt for tyre rotation, your tyres will never last long and give you your money’s worth.

Do Not Pack Unnecessarily

There is a limit beyond which if you go on overloading your car, it would ultimately have a negative impact on the tyres and the different car parts. Your car manual will have the necessary information on the maximum amount of load you could place on your car beyond which it could get dangerous.

The tyre sidewall comes with maximum weight ratings stamped, and not obeying this could impact your riding and cornering abilities. Your long trip drives should be fun and not filled with worry. Always get your Goodyear Tyres London and other car parts like the oils and coolants checked before your venture out. Make sure you are seeking professional help when it comes to inspecting your vehicle. Remember, the heavier the car, the more you will be spending on fuel.

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