How to Find B2B Suppliers: The Comprehensive Guide for Entrepreneurs

Most b2b startups are often seen to be concerned about searching for buyers. And, they should be as well. However, this is not the only thing you should be concerned about, when you’re running a b2b business.

Many times, b2b sellers are in need of supplies as well and for this purpose they need to ensure that they have an amazing supplier too. Not only sellers, even manufacturers and wholesalers are also in need of suppliers as well. Therefore, finding the right supplier is the only way you can keep your b2b business running, if you think about it.

What Is a B2B Supplier?

The bottom line is that you need a supplier, even if you’re running a b2b business. However, you should understand that finding a great supplier for your business is not that easy. Of course, you can have a look at the existing supplier directory but it can be overwhelming and may not lead you to the right supplier.

Therefore, if you want to find the right supplier for your b2b business then you need to perform a few other simple tasks.
Set a Time Limit.

It’s recommended that you have at least 15 days to execute a supplier search and do it really well.

After all, if you cannot find a supplier or have to go back, you may end up losing a lot of money. This is why you should focus on a supplier search, before you implement any b2b marketing campaign.

How To Find Suppliers

Whether you are looking for Philippines agarwood suppliers or crude oil suppliers in USA or Russia, there are several methods, which you can employ. There are plenty of other aspects of your business that you’ll need to handle when you’re running a b2b business as well. And, not everything will be solved by just finding suppliers. To find suppliers, you’ll be required to invest a few bucks and time.

Some people have the opinion that finding suppliers is not that much of a big deal. However, it really is a big deal. It’s the first step towards a well-established and successful b2b company.

There are several things you’ll need to do when you’re looking for suppliers. Your first step should be to identify what type of b2b suppliers you need and what type of suppliers are actually useful for you.

Important Factors for Selecting the Right Supplier

For the b2b companies, keeping in mind several important factors can help them select the right supplier. Following is a list of the important factors for choosing the best supplier:

Excellent Experience

One of the most important factors for choosing the right supplier is to check their experience. This is very important, as the good supplier would be able to supply the right product as per your specifications. Hence, it’s better to hire a reputed supplier who’s in good terms with the other suppliers of the industry, in order to be sure about quality of the product supplied.


Another reason why b2b entrepreneurs should take their time and find the best supplier is because of the reputation of the supplier. A very first point to consider is the reputation of the supplier you’re about to select. It’s always better to avoid the bad guys, if you want to keep your business going. The reputation of the suppliers you come across will have a great impact on the quality and level of service you will receive. And this is what entrepreneurs need to keep in mind. The b2b market is becoming increasingly competitive and you don’t want to come across the wrong supplier. After all, these are suppliers who are involved in the marketing of your products.

Finding the best supplier is a challenge in itself



Some suppliers do cost you more money than other suppliers you’ve come across. But, not all suppliers have such a price tag. This depends on the size of your business, along with how big of a vendor you’re looking to get.

Nevertheless, the important thing to keep in mind when you’re looking for an excellent b2b supplier is that you’re in for some savings.


Some suppliers offer you perks, for you to help you build up your business. You can find such perks for you to offer to your buyers, in return for them making the purchase. Some suppliers also offer other forms of perks. This can be anything like getting special discounts and incentives, for you to make your business name in the public.


While you cannot afford to disappoint your buyers, what you can do is to keep them happy. You want to make sure that your suppliers deliver quality goods to your business. If you can have an amazing supplier, you can also have an amazing product. Therefore, they should be a part of your company.

What Else You Should Consider

Besides getting the product right, you should also focus on the price. There are some essential points, which you should consider before you pick a supplier:

Key Skills

In order to keep your suppliers happy, you will need to ensure that they have the right skills. It is possible that you will need to hire your suppliers to do the work for you.


The taste, which you have, will come into play too, when you’re working with a supplier.

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