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How to Import Archive OLM File into Windows Outlook?

Summary: This tutorial will show you how to import archive OLM file into Windows Outlook PST file. Read the entire post all the way through to learn how to complete this process.

The most widely used mail client software is Microsoft Outlook. Microsoft had to release the Outlook software for both Mac and Windows due to the surge in users. The operational process is the same for both versions of Outlook. However, the file formats that they both use to store their mailbox databases differ.

Mac Outlook saves the mailbox data items in the OLM file format, in contrast to Windows Outlook, which keeps its mailbox data in the PST file format.

However, there is a problem because neither Mac Outlook nor Windows Outlook support OLM format. Therefore, you must convert the OLM email into a file type that Outlook for Windows supports if you want to import OLM data into Windows Outlook.

Why Do Users Opt For Windows Outlook over Mac Outlook?

  • An expensive financial expenditure is required to set up and maintain a mac computer.
  • Exchange’s master category list and Mac Outlook cannot be synchronized.
  • The user must convert the data from an OLM file first, which could take some time.

Import Outlook OLM to Outlook PST

Users are frequently advised to import data from OLM files (the format used by Windows Outlook) into Outlook for Mac. Users might also want to export their OLM emails to Windows Outlook if they need to create a Windows backup copy of their Mac Outlook mailbox, are switching to a new mail client program and disabling their Mac Outlook account, or simply want to archive their database.

The most dependable way to import the data is to export OLM to PST because Microsoft doesn’t provide a direct option to convert OLM to Outlook for Windows. Alternatively, commercial OLM to PST Conversion software often either

Commercial OLM to PST Conversion programs, on the other hand, are often either too expensive or too dangerous. The best tool for your import procedure is Advik OLM to PST Converter for Windows & Mac OS.

Because of this, we have discovered the ideal method for importing Outlook OLM to Outlook PST. Your complete mailbox’s data will easily and rapidly be converted to Windows Outlook.

Simple & Quick Guide to Import Archive OLM File into Windows Outlook

Follow the instructions and carry out this conversion process without changing the mailbox items’ original structure and formatting-

  1. On any computer running Windows OS, download and install OLM Converter.
  2. Click on the Select Files or Select Folders option to browse your computer’s data now.
  3. The program will load all of the OLM Files or Folders on the left pane when you click the Next tab.
  4. Select the Output location where you wish to save the output data, then click Next to begin the final conversion.

Finally, the OLM to PST conversion is complete, and Windows Outlook can now open and read OLM files without any issues.

The free manual technique can also be used to complete this operation, though. Let’s see how the process is handled manually.

How to Import Archive OLM File into Windows Outlook?

In this approach, a server that connects Outlook for Mac and Outlook for Windows is the IMAP Server. It functioned similarly to how using storage between two machines operates. The primary benefit of using an IMAP Server account is the capacity to receive files from a distance. To export OLM data to Windows Outlook in a direct manner, follow these steps:

  1. Create a new Gmail account within the Mac Outlook application.
  2. Your OLM mailbox data from Outlook for Mac will be synced with Gmail.
  3. Create the same Gmail account with Windows Outlook.
  4. Convert your Outlook for Windows OLM mailbox data from Gmail.


In this article, we’ll go through two distinct ways to open OLM file on Windows Outlook. We first talk about how a professional might go about performing this conversion operation. Additionally, we mention a cost-free manual way to import OLM to PST. Although you need a technical understanding of the configuration component to complete the manual process. You can take into account whichever approach best suits your requirements.

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