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Plants That Bring Good Fortune In Your Life

Beneficial Facts About Plants

Like water, trees and plants are also an inseparable part of our life. But very few people know that trees and plants are really important and how lucky they are for us. The plants that correspond to Vastu give us happiness and prosperity.

Generally, people plant trees and plant for decoration. Large trees like Peepal, neem, mango, banana, and bamboo are also planted in the house’s yard. But due to the fast-growing population, planting trees in shrinking habitats is becoming very less. In today’s time, we can make our house beautiful by planting a small plant in place of trees and getting encouraging results.

Low altitude plants like basil, marigold, amla, Champa, jasmine, cataract, etc., should be planted in the house’s north, east, and northeast. These plants keep the air pure. Due to small plant in the northeast, the rising sun’s ultraviolet rays can easily enter the house. If there are tall trees like Neem, Bud, Peepal, etc., in the southwest of the house, they give promising results before you order plants online for your home or your loved ones.

Know Some Beneficial Facts About Plants We Are Going To Share Below: –


The main feature of Peepal is that it releases oxygen for 24 hours. It is also beneficial for incurable diseases like cancer. Peepal is a good enough distance from the house because its roots spread far and wide, damaging the foundation of the building. One should not sleep under this tree at night because a large amount of gas comes out of it due to a fear of fainting.

Air purifier plants
Air purifier plants


This tree has more medicinal value. It is auspicious to tie its leaves at the entrance. It is used to make about 300 medicines of Ayurveda. Its furniture and doors made of wood do not have termites. Its twig is used as a Datun.
More than this, its leaves are used for eye disorders, leprosy, bloody nose, stomach upset, intestinal worms, heart and blood vessel diseases, gum disease, and liver problems.

Banana Plant

Banana plant are considered auspicious and a sign of prosperity. It is used to decorate the entrance of the house and the wedding pavilion. Eating food on its leaves is considered beneficial for health.
It is auspicious to plant bamboo in the northeast. It is going to give growth and prosperity in business. The bamboo plant in China is as important as the peepal tree in India. It also acts as a lightning machine. So, if you are about to buy plant online, you can bring a banana plant to your backyard and beautify your home with auspicious vibes.

Grow These Plants at Home


By growing tulsi plants, the surrounding environment becomes disinfected. It should be installed in the northeast and east direction of the house. It can also be planted in the house’s courtyard (Brahma place). The basil plant emits oxygen equivalent to 10 trees on average. This plant also has medicinal and spiritual significance.
Its leaves are used in making Ayurvedic medicines and in coughs and colds.

Tulsi - Indoor Plant
Tulsi – Indoor Plant

Tulsi plant should not be planted in the southern part of the house. Planting neem, lemon, pineapple, mango, pomegranate, sandalwood, almond, jackfruit, and betel plant in a home garden is considered auspicious. Bananas and coconut trees planted on the house’s premises give mental peace and are suitable from the point of view of health.

Flowering Plants

Mogra means to plant jasmine plants in the house. These plants give a pleasant scent to the mind and are also useful in worship. The garland of Mogra flowers can be interlocked and can also be used for the decoration of the place of worship. Blue and red colored lotus flowers are also believed to have the same effect.

Indoor Plants - Flowering
Indoor Plants

Take Care Of These Things

  • Small plants should be planted in the north or east direction. Make sure that the open space remains in the northeast. Plant tall trees in the west, south, or southwest direction of the garden/building. While applying them, remember that these buildings should be at a sufficient distance from the building, and their shadow should not fall on the building between 9 am and 3 pm.
  • Large stables like Peepal, neem, etc., should be planted sufficiently from the building, as their roots can damage its foundation. Also, remember that these plants’ shadows should not fall on the building between 9 am and 3 pm. So, go ahead with online shopping for Air purifier indoor plants and place those plants accordingly in your home.
  • Thorny plants should never be planted in the house because such plants are carriers of negative energy. Especially not cactus at all. Their home position is considered inauspicious. If a thorny plant is in your house, then uproot it immediately.

Do not let vines or vine plants spread on the walls of the courtyard or house. Plant them in the garden and spread with your help, but do not increase the house or courtyard wall. Money plants must be installed indoors. Do not plant such trees in the garden, which invite snakes, bees, insects, ants, owls, etc.

We believe that you appreciate this article and come to know more facts about the above plants. So, try these plants we mentioned above in your living surroundings and know about auspicious facts.

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