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The Best Places to Stay in Los Angeles for Nightlife

Los Angeles is a sprawling metropolis with distinct communities. There isn’t just one ideal part of town to stay in because the best things to do in Los Angeles are distributed throughout the city and its suburbs. Whether you’re looking for a beach vacation, high-end shopping, celebrity sightings. Then these are The Best Places to Stay in Los Angeles for Nightlife.

With the famous Art galleries, nightlife, or gastronomic tourism. Los Angeles has a neighborhood for you so you can enjoy a lot on your single tour. From anywhere around the USA you can choose Alaska Airlines Booking Flights to reach Los Angeles any time. 

Let’s Look At The Best 10 Places To Stay For Nightlife In L.A.


Hollywood, maybe the most cliché tourist attraction on the list, has a thriving nightlife and is easily accessible via the L.A. metro. The Sayers Club, nightclubs Avalon, the historic dive Frolic Room, and the 70s-themed Good Times at Davey Wayne’s are all popular hangouts.

The W Hollywood and The Hollywood Roosevelt, with their Tropicana pool bar. There are high-end hotel options, while the Best Western, with its late-night eatery 101 Coffee Shop, is a bargain option.

Downtown LA

The re-opened and rebuilt Clifton’s, the informal Slipper Clutch, beer bar Mikkeller and its neighbor Prank. As well as a plethora of eating options have all helped to boost downtown Los Angeles’ nightlife scene in recent years. The L.A. metro system connects downtown, making it simple to move around without a car.

There are several boutique hotels to select from, like the 14-room Tuck Hotel and the Freehand Los Angeles. Which offers tea-based cocktails at Rudolph’s below and drinks at Broken Shaker, their rooftop pool bar.

West Hollywood

Spend your Saturday night hanging out in the LGBTQ-friendly section of Santa Monica Boulevard or catching. A local up-and-coming band on the Sunset Strip, but don’t just visit during big festivals like Pride and Halloween.

Those looking to splurge can stay at the opulent West Hollywood EDITION. While the Best Western Plus Sunset Plaza Hotel is a superb value.


Koreatown is one of Los Angeles’ best nightlife districts. You’ll always find the kind of drinking spot you didn’t even realize you needed tonight. Whether it’s a nautical-themed hole, a hidden tavern with a lighting money tree inside. Or an overcrowded beer garden where chain-smoking is a form of communication. However, if you travel unprepared, it’s simple to become overwhelmed – and, worse, to leave early.


Venice Beach, one of America’s most colorful districts, is known for its warm weather, gentle seaside breezes, and colorful cast of personalities who give the region its distinct and funny personality. Take advantage of the opportunity to visit Venice Beach’s bars and clubs. 

From the classic Sidewalk Cafe to the new Venice Ale House, numerous ocean side decks, rooftop lounges, and patios on the famous Venice Beach Boardwalk provide icy drinks and cool crowds.

Long Beach

Long Beach’s downtown is a favorite hangout for locals and visitors looking for a more relaxed side of Los Angeles nightlife. This place has become one of the most popular communities in the Valley for weekends. Getaways and nights out on the town, with a range of pubs, clubs, and restaurants playing music from all genres.

Most of the bars, clubs, restaurants and live music venues are located along Pine Avenue. Between 4th Street and the Pike in Shoreline Village, with a few exceptions closer to the ocean.

Santa Monica

Santa Monica’s nightlife industry caters to all types of nightlife enthusiasts, from dive bars to elegant lounges and live music venues. Unlike other parts of Los Angeles, where table service and a list of club promoters dictate where you go and when you enter. 

Santa Monica nightlife is significantly more diverse in terms of both mood and attire. It’s a very relaxed atmosphere. The dress code is significantly more relaxed and getting in is determined more by how early you arrive than by who you know.

Manhattan Beach

The name of the game in Manhattan Beach, which is conveniently positioned just a stone’s throw from LAX, is surfing until dark and partying until sunrise. Although not as well-known as Venice or Santa Monica beaches. Manhattan Beach’s nightlife, nightclub, and upmarket dancing venues hold their own so visit the KLM Airlines Website and book your flight to reach this place.

Head north to El Porto for wild parties at the Baja Sharkeez tiki bar, or float down to the pier. For a glittering celebration at Zinc – inside the luxurious Shade Hotel. The region has a wide range of hotels, from the budget-friendly Best Western Plus Manhattan Beach Hotel to the beachfront Sea View Inn.

Hermosa Beach

This place is the epitome of a coastal California party town, with its warm temperature, strong singles scene, and cool laid-back attitude. Hermosa Beach’s bars and clubs range from casual surf hangouts to shaded patios, pubs, and live music venues. Bar hop Hermosa Beach with the youthful crowd for a crazy night of seaside celebration and fun.

Hotel Casa del Mar and Hotel Hermosa are more casual enterprises. While Beach House offers a laid-back South Beach attitude for East Coast comfort.

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