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Tips to Solve Diagram Type Questions in IELTS Reading Exams

IELTS Reading Exams

Highlighting IELTS bar questions, charts, and maps are common tasks in IELTS listening and reading modules. Tasks include reading excerpts to find the correct label in a particular part of the chart. IELTS reading exams for academic and general exams have different levels of difficulty. Here are some tips to solve diagram type questions in IELTS. reading exams by the best overseas education consultants in India

Solve Diagram Type Questions in IELTS

IELTS listening diagram labeling has generally been found to be part of academic Examine. As, passages can be anyplace from 300 to 500 words. This task could turn into a game of change if done well as most highlighting questions can be done faster than you thought.

Diagram Type Questions in IELTS Exams

Let’s look at the example of IELTS.org for beginners.

Example of Reading IELTS

The introduction of tumblebug into pastures is a simple process: about 1,500 beetles, one batch at a time, are moved to new cow pastures in cattle pastures. The beetles instantly disappear under the carpets they dig and dig tunnels, and if they successfully adapt to their new environment, they will soon become a staple of the local ecology.

Over time, they increase and within three to four years the benefits to the pasture become apparent. tumblebug work from the inside of the carpet so that they are protected from predators such as birds and foxes.

Continuation of the IELTS reading sample

Most species dig holes in the ground and bury manure under tunnels that are empty inside. Some large species from France dig tunnels about 30 cm below the bottom of the manure. These beetles build sausage-shaped chicken chambers along the tunnels.

The relatively small tunnels belong to a much smaller Spanish species. As that bury manure in chambers that hang like the fruit of pear branches. South African beetles dig narrow tunnels about 20 cm above the surface of the carpet.

Some of the beetles that live on the ground, including a South African species, cut the balls out of the carpet in full-cut shapes, wrap them around, and attach them to the bases of the plants.

Continuation of the IELTS academic reading pattern

To maximize the burial of manure in spring, summer. Also fall, farmers require different species that have different periods of activity. In the strange environments of the state of Victoria, the large French species (2.5 cm in length) correspond to the smaller species (half the size). As a result, the temperate Spanish species.  The first are slowly recovering from the winter cold and produce only one or two offspring from late spring to autumn.

The latter, who grow rapidly in early spring, give two to five generations per year. The South African-type beetle is a subtropical beetle that prefers the northern and coastal climate of New South Wales, where it typically operates with tunnel species of South Africa. In hot climates many species are active throughout the year.

Tips for graphic questions on the IELTS chart

Here are some tips on graphic and diagram question on the IELTS chart by the best IELTS coaching in Hyderabad.

  • Don’t panic
  • Search for information that best identifies the chart
  • Place a paragraph with the answers
  • Check the instructions for the type of response required

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