Track Slacking Employees With OgyMogy Windows spy Software

Tons of thoughts and questions come to the mind of a boss or employer every day.I am sure you might have thought about

  1. Is my employees loyal to me?
  2. They are really telling the truth about where they are?
  3. Are they sick or just want some days off?
  4. Are they really working or just wasting time on online shopping, games, or more.

We have seen many organizations and businesses going bankrupt or completely ruined just because their employees were not loyal to them or because of the unsincere efforts of the staff. Corruption is everywhere. You can’t just put huge money embezzlement by a politician under corruption.  Any kind of dishonest work or attempt at any level comes under corruption. It might be wasting extra hours during a lunch break or sharing confidential information with competitors. Using the business trip as a personal vacation is also corruption and yes you are a criminal whether you get caught or not. Anything that prevents the employees to complete their job is utter slacking and should be considered a dishonest act for the company, boss, or business.

Now how can one track such employees and take action because why not? We as employers have the complete right to make sure no one dares to try anything against the business or company. One hassle-free way to achieve this goal more professionally is through the use of windows spy software the OgyMogy. New to these monitoring apps or want to know about them, we are here to share some tips and tricks.

Quality Over Quantity:

Quality over quantity matters. It does not matter how much time an employee took to achieve the work. If it is done in an hour then it’s still good to go. You can watch the employee’s work style and more by directly visiting their screen at any given time. OgyMogy keeps the record of every wok related activity with date and time.

Online Gaming Is Not Always The Solution:

Working hours are meant to focus on work-related matters only. It is not ok to waste time on useless activities just because you have nothing to do or you don’t want to do anything. Track the online activity of the target employee and know what kind of website they usually visit during working hours. The Windows spy software offers a track internet browsing history feature.

Loyalty Is What Everybody Want:

No business or organization wants disloyal employees. But unfortunately, there are limited ways to check the loyalty of the employees until it’s too late. Monitor their work-related activities and catch any suspicious activity with the help of Ogymogy windows spy software. Keystroke logging lets the user know about every keypad-related activity of the employee.

Assure Equal Opportunities For Everyone:

A toxic-free work environment is a key to a successful business. Make sure you are offering equal growth opportunities to every employee without any discrimination of gender, color, or race. Keep an eye on the staff at the departmental level with camera bug and mic bug feature.

No Space For Data Thieves:

Monitor every sent and received an email of the employees and keep an eye on the attachment history with the email monitoring feature. Make sure no employee shares any kind of confidential information with an illegal person or outsider. This type of monitoring is very important in industries like marketing etc where confidentiality about new ideas is very important.

Sick Of Sick Leaves?

Suspicious about any employee that he is lying to you? Well, now you can confirm or clear your suspicious right away. Use the Gps location tracking feature and know about the real-time pinpoint location of the target employees. Find out of the employee on business trips are partying at the beach or if a simple day leave was for a birthday party.

Windows spy software is very easy to use for employers. You can even remotely renew your license thus no need to worry about the side matters. Moreover, another interesting feature offered by the OgyMogy spy app is that you can manually customize the updates alert according to your needs and demands. That means if you are not interested in the location alert feature and want to know more about screen activities then you can practically turn off the former one and can turn it on later whenever you want.

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