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Composite, Vinyl, Wood And Decking Plastic

If you want to build a deck, you have three decking alternatives to choose from: wood, WPC decking, and vinyl. Different outcomes and comments are obtained when homeowners create decking inside their homes using one of the three decking materials. Owners of wood decks prefer lumber due to its classic appearance, but they nevertheless lament maintenance. Composite, Vinyl, Wood, And Decking Plastic

Owners of WPC decking endorse it because it is lovely and simple to maintain. Owners of PVC claim that it resembles WPC decking. If you’re new and want to buy your own decking, you could be perplexed.

Timber Decking

Which decking material wood, vinyl, or WPC  is the best?

Timber Decking

The traditional decking material is this. Before WPC and PVC were developed, homeowners utilized wood to construct their homes and decks. Timber decking is made of untreated, natural wood. Under pressure, the wood will get chemical treatment to remove moisture. Timber that has been chemically treated will also be more durable and solid.

The fact that timber decking is the least expensive choice among the three deckings is an intriguing feature. This implies that the best option for building decking on a tight budget will be timber. Timber decking, however, is not as strong and long-lasting as PVC and decking plastic composite. Wooden decking is prone to damage from insects, rot, mold, warping, splintering, and UV radiation.

As a result, you should take all of this into account when installing timber decking. Wood decking’s weak resilience to weather causes it to expand when moisture comes in contact with its surface. Additionally, heated wood decking will expand, fracture, or splinter. Timber decking that splits will cause the boards to break.

Insects called termites prey on wood. Due to the fact that natural lumber is food for them, they will bore or chew through wood decking. Mold and mildew are other factors that can harm wood decking besides termites. Your terrassendielen plastik surface will be destroyed by mold. If this happens, you will need to scrub the stain and maybe paint or dye the surface in order to remove it.

Despite being inexpensive to purchase, wood is not the best option when maintenance costs and short lifetimes are taken into account. This is due to the fact that WPC decking will ultimately cost less in the long term than hardwood decking.

WPC Decking

WPC Decking

Due to homeowners’ discontent with timber decking, decking plastic manufacturers created a new form of decking. WPC decking is the name of this new type of decking plastic material. WPC decking is another term for wood plastic composite decking. It’s thought of as a WPC material, this decking plastic material. It is a combination of two substances with various qualities.

Compared to non-WPC materials, WPC materials are stronger and more resilient. Wood plastic decking is made of two materials: PVC and wood flour. To create WPC boards, they are combined with a bonding agent and heated. WPC decking planks are more durable than timber. Like lumber, they are not as prone to decay, swelling, splintering, cracking, or warping. WPC is a waterproof decking. 

Additionally, insects won’t ruin WPC. The WPC is more suited to resist moisture absorption on the surface or top. Your WPC won’t absorb moisture if there are drops of water or rain on top of it. In turn, this will stop swelling and decaying. While it is true that WPC costs more than timber, if you include the expense of maintaining timber, you will see that WPC is a more cost-effective alternative to lumber.

WPC materials are scratch-resistant while not being scratchproof since they do not scratch as easily as wood. On your WPC, the surface will remain shiny if you don’t drag any things. Because you can clean your WPC with a towel, a brush, and soapy water, doing so is simple.

Vinyl Decking

Vinyl Decking

PVC decking is the third type of decking plastic that we are contrasting. The fact that this decking is constructed of plastic sets it apart from wood and plastic wood decking. Plastic decking is similarly simple to maintain as WPC. decking plastic is not a WPC material, in contrast to WPC. PVC is better than wood but less scratch-resistant than WPC. It is strong and will outlast wood in terms of resistance to decay, swelling, warping, and breaking. PVC or WPC decking is the preferable option when picking one for your outdoor project since they offer the best value. The major benefit of vinyl is that this is terrassendielen wasserdicht.


Comparing the qualities of wood, vinyl, and decking plastic is the most effective approach to determine which is superior. Of the three, wood is the least desirable; PVC and wood-plastic composite are preferable options.

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