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Interesting Facts in Poland eSports Betting

Many changes have occurred since the Polish eSports scene first emerged in the local internet cafes in the 1990s. With around 2.6 million followers of the competitive online gaming scene, the country now has an eSports market ranked among, the top 20 globally. Join us to learn why eSports betting in Poland is so popular.

To start our essay, we shall examine the relationship between the country and video games and eSports. We will also discuss the most significant leagues Polish players have won, the most played eSports titles in Poland, and much more. Let’s begin straight now.

Is eSports Betting Permitted in Poland?

Before going any further, examining the legality and safety of eSports betting in Poland is essential. Sports betting, games of chance, card games, and slot machines are the four subcategories under which gambling activities inside the boundaries of Poland are classified by the Act of November 19, 2009, on Gambling Games.

Each of the above gambling activities is further described in the Act and is considered lawful in Poland. Additionally, the government approves and controls all of the top betting sites in Poland. Totalisator systems and bookmaking are the two main categories of betting nationwide.

The first, sometimes referred to as the totalisator system, is a type of pool betting in which the payouts vary according to the total amount of bets placed by all players. The totalisator methods are exclusively employed when betting on the outcomes of sporting events due to their nature.

Poland’s largest eSports betting leagues

We have so far covered the history, customs, and accomplishments of eSports in Poland in our blog article. So, if you want to discover much more about the eSports betting trend in Poland, it’s time to look at the best leagues to follow.

  1. PLE – Polish Esports League
  2. ESL – Faceit Polska Liga
  3. UltraLiga – Best League of Legends Tournament in Poland

Why is eSports betting so popular in Poland?

Poland’s enormous eSports and gaming culture is unquestionably the industry’s backbone. Poland has frequently demonstrated that it breeds and supports professional gamers throughout the years.

Many of them have been able to leave their mark on gaming history and have racked up some sizable prizes. The table below shows which eSports games are most played and how much money Polish players have won playing them.


  • Counter-Strike: Global Offensive $7,225,640.54
  • DOTA 2 $2,395,624.03
  • Fortnite $2,917,268.87
  • StarCraft II $1,138,545.35
  • League of Legends $2,409,931.52

The Major eSports Tournaments Won by Polish Members

In Poland, there are hundreds of events that are open to eSports betting each year. Some Poland eSports betting matches set records. However, some of them are from little leagues of obscure games. We can thus ensure that there will be a wide variety of games available if you are interested in making bets at eSports betting sites in Poland. Some of the most prominent Polish triumphs in eSports history are highlighted in the list below:

  • DOTA 2 – The International 2021 – $720,320.00
  • CS: GO at WESG 2016 brought in $600,000
  • FNCS: $531,300.00 Fortnite Grand Royale EU 2021
  • World Championship of LOL 2016 – LoL – $152,100.00
  • $200,00.00 VALORANT Championships 2021 – Valorant

The eSports Betting Culture in Poland

Today, Poland is unavoidably one of the top choices when considering the most incredible eSports competitions, events, and matches in Europe. The nation is among the top 20 eSports markets in the world because of its long history in gaming

When Poland entered the western sphere of influence in the 1990s, the Polish eSports culture had its start. A broad interest in gaming rapidly started to grow with the arrival of new computers, consoles, and games on the Polish market.

Numerous internet cafes that served as brewers for the early Polish eSports betting and gaming culture also emerged in the last decade of the 20th century. A number of the locations quickly started holding regional LAN competitions for games like Counter-Strike, Warcraft, Starcraft, and others.

But that was only the beginning at those neighboring meeting places. Over the past two decades, the gaming industry in Poland has expanded significantly, creating a sizable market for both games and players. In Poland, currently, there are roughly 16 million gamers. Around 2.6 million of them are ardent eSports enthusiasts, with close to 50% of them being women.

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