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10 Best Poster Template Making Software for PC and Mobile on 2022

10 Best Poster Making Software for PC and Mobile on 2022

Posters are a great way to advertise your products and services in front of the masses. You can often see posters of various services and products being displayed on your device screen when you surf through websites or apps. These are often generated through various software that is available on a PC or a mobile. The software you use to create poster templates is very important as it helps you to add a lot of creative elements to the posters and make use of various editing commands.  You can use needs to render the fast and must have proper tools to create and edit templates. It also lets users customize the posters according to the client’s needs and make sure that it looks appealing to the audience. There is a lot of poster template editing and creation software on the internet that you may use.

This software can be free and might even cost a little to give the best services. We have created a proper list of the top ten poster template makers that are available for PC and mobile in 2022.

Here are the top ten software to create poster templates:


Canva is one of the most popular digital content creation software on the internet. This software lets the users create and edit posters, social media graphics, documents, presentations, etc. Millions of users are already using it and have a website and an app of its own. Digital content creation is very easy on this software as it offers simple drag and drops features on mobile and PC. The software lets you create posters using various filters, colors, and text designs. You can add photos in your preferred layout. The poster you create can be saved in different pixel formats according to your need.

The software allows some of its features to be used for free but 2 paid packages unlock all the professional features. A person can buy a Pro plan or the enterprise plan according to their needs. This software is supported on all windows and MacOS PCs along with mobile phones.


It is an infographic tool that allows its users to create all kinds of digital content that are based on some dashboard data. It has some default layouts that users can choose to create different posters. These posters can contain multiple types of data that the software adds using the graphs and other forms of information that you add. Apart from this, users can even use the HTML features to directly add the posters to a website. You can save the posters you create on it and even send them via email to others.

The software is data-driven and focuses on letting the users create text-based informative posters for various tasks. You can even create customized poster templates after buying the paid package of the software. There are various features like password protection for files, brand assets, saving as PNG, PDF, PPTX format. You can use this software over any PC or mobile phone easily.

Adobe Spark

It is one of the most popular software brands around the world for creating various digital content. Adobe Spark is a software that allows users to create social media graphics, posters, and short videos for advertisement purposes. The software has online connectivity that lets users choose from a wide range of templates and layouts. It offers a lot of features to create posters but most of the features are unlocked after buying the paid package. One of the best things about this software is that it auto-saves all the progress you have while editing or creating a poster. It offers various features like custom layouts, edited images, different logos, theme-based fonts, texts, etc.


CorelDRAW is a PC-based software for letting users create and edit graphic-based posters and other digital content. It is professional software that lets users create 2 dimensional digital content like posters and logos. The software allows many customizations to the content like adding different images, fading effects, GIFs for posters, and has a lot of layouts for poster creation. CorelDRAW has become one of the most used graphic designing software around the world. If you want your posters to look professional and sophisticated, then CorelDRAW is a great way to do so.


 It is a tool available on PC and mobile that allows users to create posters using both videos and images. The major USP of this software is that it lets users directly add their images and videos to the posters you create and then add proper graphics to the content. It is an easy-to-use software and it does not require you to be a professional to make the most use of it. It even allows editing in various languages like Spanish, Italian, French, Afrikaans, etc.


This software is one of the most used software for poster creation. It is easy to use as it has a pre-designed free poster template and various designs that can be added directly to your poster template. No professional design knowledge is required to use this software. The commands are easy to use and it allows various editing options for the content. It is web-based for mobile phones and has separate software for PCs. The paid package of this software unlocks various professional options too.

Adobe Illustrations

If you are a professional and want to create posters that look highly appealing to the eyes and have a lot of graphic elements to them, then Adobe Illustrations is the right choice for you. This software allows users to create vector graphic content like typography, icons, drawings, etc. The best thing about this software is that it even allows users to add layers to the posters and even create three-dimensional posters. The software is available for PC and iPad only. Moreover paid version of this software starts at a comparatively lower price than other software.

Adobe Photoshop/Lightroom

Photoshop and Lightroom are two software from Adobe that lets users edit images using various filters and layouts. You can use Photoshop on a PC and Lightroom on a mobile phone or iPad. This software allows users to change many things from a photo like the lighting, the color saturation, and even add filters to it. You can create posters using various features that the software offers. You can edit and create posters using scanned or camera-clicked pictures through the software. It can even handle a very large image to create a poster. The paid version of this software is available at low prices and depends upon the country you buy it in.


Desygner is a free software for users that can help them create posters and other graphic content using the options available on it. We can create 2d as well as 3d posters. You can add various images and layers to the posters using the software. There are thousands of free images, layouts, and icons that you can use for your poster.

Poster Maker by Photo Cool Apps

Poster Maker is a free-to-use app for marketing purposes. Firstly you need to choose a large background for the poster and then you can add images, texts, and layers to it and create a poster template for marketing purposes. It is easy to use and highly intuitive with lots of features to create an appealing poster from. You can even create flyers using this software. It is available over Windows and Mac OS only.


From the above information, it is clear that people have a lot of options to create digital content. Digital marketing has become a great asset for brands and the creators themselves. You can create posters for marketing and other purposes using the software mentioned above. And it allows free usage up to some extent while some others have to be purchased to use them. The conclusion can be taken that the above-mentioned software can be the best for creating an appealing poster template and satisfying the purpose for it.

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