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10 Things To Check Before Buying Property In Kerala

Before Buying Property In Kerala

Buying property in Kerala is one of the stylish investments you can make for several reasons. Retaining property is a matter of prestige; there’s always appreciation for property as the available land isn’t adding. The Builders in Calicut are Highly Clarified on this Things To Check Before Buying Property In Kerala  

1. Title Deed

Check the title deed and make sure it’s clear – that the seller is the rightful owner of the whole property, and that it has not been mortgaged or sold. It would be prudent to have a lawyer go through all the documents to verify this. If you’re thinking of purchasing an Flats in Calicut , check if the builder owns the land, or simply the development rights.

2. Land Use Zone

Ensure that the land you are buying has been zoned for the purpose you have in mind; for example if you buy property in Kerala for constructing a commercial building, first ensure that that particular land has been zoned as commercial.

3. Licences

It’s crucial that you check all the paperwork when you want to purchase an apartment. Enquire if the project has received approval by the relevant civic authorities. Also check if the builder has obtained other necessary approvals like environmental clearance, commencement certificate and so on.

4. Release and Encumbrance Certificate

If the property you’re purchasing is an apartment for resale, check if it’s encumbered with a bank. If it had been pledged, make sure that the loan has been paid off and acquire the discharge certificate to be safe. evoke Ask for an Encumbrance certificate to take care that there aren’t any legal holds on the property.

5. Fair Value

Whenever you buy a house or land in Kerala, enquire about the ‘fair value’ as set by the Government. The actual market value is different from this; however, you will be in a better position to negotiate the sale price when you have this information.

6. Property Size

Make sure you live the scale of the property exactly. Get an authorised  surveyor to mark and live the land, if you’re shopping for a plot. If you’re buying an apartment, villa or a house, measure each room, bathroom, corridor and balcony space, if present; talk over with the builder what proportion of it’s carpet space, and the way abundant is made up: that’s, what proportion portion of the common areas like raise, garden, lobby and so on is added to the actual carpet area of each apartment or villa.

7. Check The Ground

When you’re looking at properties in Kerala for constructing your own house, you would like to create a radical check of the soil and topography, to see the type of foundation you may have to create, however huge a structure it’ll be ready to support and then on.

8. Check the Site

You also have to be compelled to check for handiness of water on the premises, trees (without shade, it should be unbearably hot in summer) and also the general neighbourhood of the property. confirm it’s a good and safe neighbourhood, which you have got markets or outlets and attention facilities handy, which you have got access to highways or major roads and conveyance. conjointly check if there are institutions that may cause disturbances, like factories emitting unsafe smoke or effluents, blatant instrumentation, bars then on.

9. Research The Builder

Not all builders are above level. Do some background check to ensure that  there are no legal proceedings pending with regard to the apartment or villa you are planning to purchase. You can ask around, check online, and even enquire with customers of the builder’s previous projects.

10. Check your finances

Do you have the necessary amount to buy the land or house you have shortlisted? If not, you will need a loan. Check out offers from various financial institutions and determine the EMIs. Check the terms and conditions of prepayment, non-payment and all the fine print before you finalise and apply.

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