10 tips to care for your kaftans

Kaftans or caftans have become one of the famous outfits for ladies to wear in summer. These have been worn in many cultures around the world for a lot of years. Eventually, this has also become a catchall term in fashion for any loose-fitting robe or tunic. sakarya escort bayan

Kaftans are considered one of the beautiful statement pieces, which are usually adorned with intricate, embellished detail around the neckline, sleeves, or around the edge of the fabric itself. You can buy kaftan online from the reputed and reliable stores in recent times. But purchasing a dress is not enough; instead, you need to take good care of your dress at the same time. akyazı escort bayan

When it comes to maintaining delicate silk and similar natural fabrics, what is the best way to launder your kaftans?

  • Is hand washing favoured over a machine wash?
  • What is one of the most excellent ways to store your kaftans from season to season?
  • Do you need to spot clean rather than do a full launder of your kaftan?
  • How do you care for and safely wash embellished garments?
  • Can you iron my kaftan?

Follow the Instructions

Just like ladies shirt dresses, this is also important to take care of your kaftans. Natural fabrics containing cotton, silk, leather, and wool need a little more TLC (tender, love, and care) due to the delicate fibers of the fabric. This is important to carefully read and follow the instructions on the kaftan label, as it can assist safeguard your pieces long term.

You can simply have your kaftans simply dry-cleaned, but this is not always very important. Particular (harsh) chemicals used in the dry-cleaning procedure can do more harm than good due to the delicate nature of the fabric fibers against the processing methods. Numbers of people also use a dry-cleaner, but before that, you must ensure that this is specialised in silk. So, buying kaftan online and maintaining it properly is one of the crucial tasks to do.

Gentle Hand Wash – Spot Clean, Light Soils and Stains

Most of the people out there are busy in recent times; that is why; they do not get proper time to take care of their special outfits. Amongst plenty of outfits, kaftans have to be taken care of properly. So, this is best to do hand wash the kaftan inside out.

If this is a spot clean or even removing a light stain, you can simply use cool water and also a minimal amount of mild detergent to hand wash the kaftan, just like ladies shirt designer dressesVery gently swirl the kaftan in soapy water for up to 5 minutes to remove light soiling when hand washing as silk and other delicate fabrics can be easily torn or damaged.  

  1. First of all, do not apply the bleach to the cloth
  2. When your kaftan is clean, then you can rinse in clean cold/cool water
  3. It would help if you did not squeeze the excess water from the garment
  4. Do drip dry the garment by hanging; or,
  5. For ultimate care, kaftans have to be laid flat to dry on a towel without delay for avoiding stretching the delicate fabric
  6. You should not go for machine wash and do not tumble dry your kaftan
  7. When you iron your kaftans, this is important to use the low to medium heat setting
  8. It would help if you did not let the iron come in direct contact with any beading or embellishments
  9. You can use a piece of thick white cotton fabric between the iron and the garment
  10. Always ensure that you move the iron and fabric along as you iron to avoid fabric burn. Even better, using a steamer will simply release creases

Avoid Direct Sunlight

When you wish to take great care of your outfits, especially your kaftans, this is very important to note that avoiding direct sunlight is a great decision. Direct sunlight through wooden blinds prolonged artificial and ultraviolet light (sunlight) is considered the greatest danger to your silk material if not the threads, but the fabrics can get damaged. erenler escort bayan

Indirect and direct sunlight will cause fabric deterioration and breakdown, containing fraying, fading, discolouration, and yellow spotting whenever this is exposed to light for extended periods. But if you think that sun rays are absolutely prominent in your storage space or wardrobe, then you must block out blinds to fend the rays.

Storing Your Kaftans

Just like your beautiful ladies shirt dresses, this is also important to store your kaftans properly. This is not only about washing and drying. Instead, it would help if you stored them properly. One of the most significant things you can do to prolong your kaftans’ longevity is simply ensuring your pieces are safely stored in breathable, premium 100% cotton garment bags. hendek escort bayan

There are plenty of stores available that you can consider buying kaftan online. To choose the best store, you should consider the reliable and trustworthy one. Before buying your kaftans, make sure that you consider their services and do proper background research.

Kaftans are basically designed to be absolutely flow and have a stylish and beautiful drape (perfect for dinner date or lunches). When you buy one, you must follow the care label instructions on the silk kaftans. The fabrics are wholly delicate and might need some TLC (tender, care, and love). karasu escort bayan

If you have chiseled features, then you can choose angular prints. Softer and curves feature love soft prints like a watermark; you have the option to look for fuzzy borders on your print.. Washing a kaftan with gentle soap is all you need in the first place—after that, drying and ironing in the proper manner are essential. If you do not have proper notion about the silk kaftan’s maintenance, then taking help from the experts is very important. They can give you proper suggestions about the upkeep. They give you the right idea to buy and maintain a kaftan.

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