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3 Types of Lamps and Ideas to Style Them

3 Types of Lamps and Ideas to Style Them

Lighting plays an indispensable role in interiors. The decorative stuff of the home looks appealing in unsoiled visibility. Amidst all the architectural transformation, lighting doesn’t need to be boring. Besides ordinary bulbs, there are numerous modern lighting systems. Lamps are undoubtedly the most versatile decorative elements. There are varieties of lamps to choose from while embellishing a space. Lamps are appliances that emit light with electricity. They effortlessly delineate space and provide necessary elongation. Their exterior structure and the quality of the bulb define the beauty of the lamp. Some lamps present-day come up with a adjustable lighting system. While allowing you to regulate lights, they offer convenience.

3 Types of Lamps

Table Lamp

 Table lamps are the most classic lamps invented decades ago. It is the most significant element used in aesthetically pleasing interiors. Selecting table lamps according to theme creates a unique look. Their presence in the bedroom reflects sophistication and elegance. They are convenient to operate and are helpful at night. Being kept in handy situations, they are easier to access. While illuminating a space, they project the light downwards. The soft light of table lamps allows people to work without distracting others. Also, it creates a striking ambience in every room effortlessly. Check out a few tips to decorate them strikingly:

  • Keep table lamps at the same height as your bed mattress.
  • Twin them on both sides for a different look.
  • Juxtaposing works beautifully. You do not need to buy lamps of the same designs. Try to contrast as repetition looks monotonous.
  • Place frames contrasting the colour of your lamps to create a definition.
  • Go for traditional style lamps if you want to create a classic look.
  • Consider the texture and colour of your space before buying a table lamp.

Floor Lamps

  The lamps in the corners look dazzling. They are not just a lighting fixture but create drama too. Although, they are meant for styling, provide convenient reading options too. Also, they add a vertical and sculptural quality to the room. Available in diverse styles and shapes, they are styled differently. Moreover, their height in the space grabs attention effortlessly. These are ideal lighting choices for ultra-modern homes. Affordable and classy, they are easy to maintain. The effective lighting system disperses the light throughout the room. They can look unique if designed smartly.

  • Check the additional furnishings of your room before buying a floor lamp. A soft lamp with a minimal look may get lost in extensive furnishing. It is a wise choice to buy a floor lamp that is visible among other elements.
  • You can choose a tall lamp with a wood trunk for a space that gives a classic look.
  • For an ultra-modern home, select a table lamp that defines minimalism.
  • Pair the colour of your floor lamp with the hues of your wall décor. This combination does not just look beautiful but stylish too.

Wall Lamps

Wall lamps are the additional lighting fixtures that add beauty to your walls. They are mounted directly to the walls and include diffusers, vanity lights etc. Not just they are used indoors but outdoors too. Besides external lighting fixtures, these lamps reflect supplement illumination. Accessible in a range of shapes, and sizes they provide an array of colours. A high-quality wall lamp lasts up to 50000 hours. Unlike ordinary bulbs, they are a one-time investment. Withstanding adverse weather conditions, they hardly witness any technical issues. The low wattage output allows saving energy efficiently. Also, their installation process is simple and doesn’t require any contractor.

  • Try mixing contrasting materials for a minimalistic look. A warm wall light might complement well with the darker colour walls.
  • Mounting wall lights above the fireplace or on either side of the sofa look attractive. They give cosy vibes while ensuring elegance.
  • The horizontal and geometric designs provide ambient lighting. They can be an ideal choice for contemporary décor.
  • Using wall lighting that emits light upwards and downwards outdoors. They look stunning and make the onlookers gaze.
  • Choose your space wisely before placing a wall lamp. The ideal placement is generally five to six ft high. Keep them at eye levels for a clean lighting experience.


Ingeniously mounted wall lamps make a big difference. Besides serving their functionality, they look pleasing. WallMantra has a varied variety of wall lamps designed intricately by experts. Shop them for a different lighting experience in your interiors.

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