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5 Best Free Online Tools for Content Editing

Content writing is an excellent profession for all people who have a knack for writing. However, this field is not sunshine and rainbows all the time. If you are in the business of content writing, you must be familiar with the consequences of weak content. If you are a writer himself, you must be aware of the fact that wrong content is better than poorly written content. As wrong content depicts the lack of proficiency on a particular topic, while poorly written content depicts the lack of proficiency in the language.

The hiring teams analyze how well the content in written in your CV. Therefore, if you give cheap assignment help, you must need content editing tools. In addition, if you are a content manager, then you have to make editing tools as your best friends since one of the significant job descriptions would be a content editor.

Know the best online free tools for your content editing:

All hail to ever grooming technological world that we have access to quality software, which have been making the life of Content writers relatively easy. Let us look at the five best and effective free content editing tools;


Grammar has the honors to be first on this list. Grammar is the most famous and used tool to edit content. It instead becomes a whole package for the users as it not only offers content editing but the content improvement along with plagiarism checking as well. It is safe to say that this is the most favorite software of the assignment editing service USA. However, there are still so many features that are not available in the accessible version of this software.

Main Features:

Grammar has various features. The best ones are discussed below:

  • You can create your account by signing through Facebook, Google, or Apple account to use this application.
  • It has a unique feature that allows you to set your target audience, the tone of your content, domain, and intentions before you upload the document for editing. This way, Grammar ensures fair and justified checking.
  • The other best feature is that you can also add the language preferences. According to this, you can edit the document while basing on the dialects of American, Canadian, British, and Australian languages.
  • It also gives the options to enhance and improve the correctness, engagement, clarity, and delivery of the content. (But this feature is included in the paid version only)
  • You can add Grammar extensions on your word documents as well.

Pros and Cons:

Online, of course, there are some cons and pros of it:


  • There is no word limit, even in the free version
  • It gives valuable suggestions on the content.
  • It offers worthy recommendations.


  • You cannot experience all the features in the free version
  • The suggestions might not be helpful all the time.


If you are looking for a complete package for those people who want to get editing and proofreading done on their content, that is too free of charge. Instead, it offers various suggestions about the spelling and grammar of the language. This software is also known to give complex recommendations.


This has the following efficient and functional features;

  • It scrutinizes the grammatical mistakes well.
  • It takes care of the spelling to perfection.
  • It even improves the style and format of your content.
  • It improves the readability score of your content.
  • It reduces the usage of passive voice.
  • It minimizes the repetition of words.
  • It manages the transitional words in your content.

Pros & Cons:

Before using anything, make sure to take an informed decision while balancing both the positive and negative aspects;


  • It in enriched with various opportunities to improve your writing skills.
  • There variety of features in the free version as well.


  • In a free version, it can only manage 500 words at a time.
  • The application sometimes misunderstands the fragments in the sentences.


Ginger is a software that has the reputation of correcting grammatical mistakes and spelling errors. This software can integrate with the browser and your keypad to improve general communication as well.

That way, it follows you whenever you write on whatever platform you wish to write. One thing is for sure that you will not have to face the embarrassment of typos or grammatical mistakes.


  • It can fix all your grammar mistakes.
  • It can improve your writing skills.
  • It has a speedy process to edit and proofread your content.
  • It awards the best punctuations to your content.


Hemingway is comparatively not a complete package as the first three mentioned software. However, rest assured, it has been offering great help in adding conjunctions to the content. The Hemingway editor is name after Ernest Hemingway. The purpose of this application is to help you in creating quality content that makes you stand out among other content writers.

Moreover, the interface of this software is excessively easy to understand, and everybody adorns simplicity in his or her life to use this app. There is no login required. Even though it offers all these features free, there are still some left that can be experience with a payment of a small fee, where you can download the app and can use this software even when there is no access to the internet.

Pros and Cons


  • It allows the writers to understand their writing issues.
  • You only have to pay one time for the offline version of this software.


  • It disturbs the formatting when you have to paste the content into the original document.
  • It makes the changes that are implied to unacceptable measures.

Language Tool:

The unique selling point of the language tool is that it can edit in multiple languages. So if you are the one who works with two or more dialects at a time, this might be your best friend.


It offers some of the basic features like having an online and straightforward interface. It can accept almost 10,000 characters at a time. It corrects and improves your basic spelling and grammatical mistakes, that too in over 40 languages.


  • It offers help in various languages.
  • In addition, it gives added suggestions on the formatting and styles.


  • It has a word limit in both the free and paid versions.
  • The free version of this software is not up to the mark.

To put it briefly!

There are tons of other software that do the deed for you. However, these mentioned tools have the potential to cater to all of your editing needs. Good Luck!

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