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5 reasons your children will love living in a gated community

Diversity opens us to accept various types of people and their lifestyles, which in turn helps us grow better in life as we meet new people. Along with people, gated communities also help in bringing different mindsets closer, and help us achieve a bigger purpose altogether.  Childhood is the most important stage in a person’s life, and it forms the foundation for personality building.  

With the increase in population, safety has also become an important factor. The gated community of villas in Kottayam offers a complete sense of security as your residence is being safeguarded against unwanted intrusions. Also, you feel at ease when there are people around you. 

No matter how far your residential society is located from the main area, gated societies always make you feel at ease and give you a sense of belonging.  Apart from the safety aspect, gated communities facilitate residents with a wide range of recreational amenities. This makes living in a gated community really worth it as it feels like a small community of people sharing their cultures and developing their own unique culture, right within the confines of a small patch of land. 

  • Safety and security

Working parents out of no other choice have to leave their children in daycare, with nannies or relatives but the child’s safety and well-being are always on their minds. The idea of gated homes in Kerala with closed-off and well-guarded surroundings gives parents peace of mind. Either manned or electronic security Gated communities have fixed entrances. This means that only verified residents and guests can enter the community. There are also CCTV cameras at vantage points for 24/7 surveillance, electronic fences, intercom systems and so on which ensure safety at all times.

Apart from having dedicated safety personnel overseeing the community, gated communities have a lot of protocols in place pertaining to entry and exit, and also aspects like renting apartments to students/youth. This altogether establishes a highly safe and comfortable living environment for families. 

  • Facilities & Amenities

Age-appropriate facilities are provided in Kid Centric homes like a learning hub, reading room, clubhouses, playrooms, creche, swimming pools, sports, and co-curricular activity arena with coaches and experts for a child’s all-round development. These homes also enhance the process of learning by providing maximum exposure to kids.

From an early age onwards children should get good values, a sense of responsibility and life skills. If the facilities were availed outside the township, it would cost an exorbitant amount of money.  Children would also get tired with all the traveling back and forth from classes.

  • Social Skills

Gated communities provide ample opportunities for your little ones to socialize with their peers and help in their overall mental development. The sense of bonding in gated communities is extremely strong. With complete cooperation and togetherness, every event is celebrated.

  • Absence of traffic

The constant bustle and noise of traffic is not something one has to worry about in a gated community. Kids can play outside without the fear of speeding vehicles. Life in a gated community brings a wonderful sense of peace and calm away from the usual city buzz of today’s technology-driven world.

  • Quick Medical Care

Children are highly prone to injuries and in a gated community. You will have immediate access to medical help as most of them have an in-house clinic or a first-aid kit.

Getting to know your neighbors is also very beneficial. Because in case of any mishappening concerning the child, the neighbors can take care of the kid until the parents don’t come back. Make sure that children are with a known adult. Because they need someone trustworthy to calm their nerves. A known neighbor assures them that they’re in good hands and will see their parents soon. Most gated townships have first aid on the premises or have medical help at hand to tackle most emergencies. Dedicated in-house maintenance staffs are also available round the clock.

  • Green spaces

There have been ample studies proving how greenery helped improve the attention span of children and helped them learn better. Nature helped relieve stress, promote creativity and a sense of social connection. This is why residential apartments in Kerala have extensively covered themselves in green cover in the form of several gardens. Also, include private gardens to select flats.

Modern gated communities are designed with eco-friendly materials and have energy efficiency systems. This way they promote water and electricity conservation, improve air quality. Thus creating a healthier living environment essential for kids and adults alike. Green and open spaces along with wholesome living without much pollution are the main focus of an integrated community.

Gated communities are slowly challenging the notion of apartments being a concrete jungle as several apartments in Kerala. It has started embracing the concept of large spaces, greenery, and amenities to help your child’s mental growth. 


Gated communities are the norm nowadays because of the huge demand and viability. Major trends you can see in this segment are amenities and technology. The amenities will evolve significantly to keep up with the changing needs of its clientele. Concierge and specialized services will also become regular features in the gated community. 

On the technology end, we can witness some rapid innovations in the spheres of home security, automation, and customer services. Thus, a large number of developers invest capital in technologies to ensure a hassle-free comfortable lifestyle for their buyers. A gated community facilitates us with our very own personalized space where we can unwind and coexist in harmony.

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