6 Steps for Dubai Silicon Oasis Free Zone

Developed in 2004, the Dubai Silicon Oasis Free Zone is owned by the Dubai Government. It is renowned to provide a working unified community and functioning lives. Basically, the Dubai Silicon Oasis Authority(DSOA), the governing authority of the free zone, focuses on promoting industries based on technology. En özel ve seksi kadınlardan Olgun Escortlar Nişantaşı | İstanbul Escort Bayan sizlerle burada bulusuyor. Moreover, it provides perks to the business under a full master-planned organization, in-house business services, and state-of-the-art organization. Thus, it is known as a huge corporate and housing community in Dubai. 

DSO supports modern technology which makes it the most gorgeous place for company registration. Furthermore, there are several other elements that describe DSO for its amazing ecosystem, such as – 

  • Start-ups 
  • Medium-sized businesses
  • Universities 
  • High-tech infrastructure 
  • Capital funds 
  • Business services 
  • Government services
  • Incubation center 

Reasons to set up business in Dubai Silicon Oasis Free Zone

Each free zone in the UAE offers its own set of benefits to business owners. It basically aims at attracting foreign businesses and entrepreneurs by offering commendable incentives. Similarly, there are many reasons for choosing DSOA for your business project as it suits all your business needs. These reasons may include the following: 

  • Ideally located
  • Permits multiple business activities 
  • Simple legal forms 
  • Plentiful office and residential spaces 
  • Focused jurisdiction 
  • World’s premier center of electronic invention, design, and research 

Also, there are many other perks and benefits of forming a business in the DSO Free Zone which is discussed further. 

Benefits of Dubai Silicon Oasis company setup

  • Full ownership of the business 
  • Freedom from taxes – personal tax, income tax, and corporate tax 
  • 100% repatriation of profits
  • Perfect locations in geographical terms 
  • Boosting opportunities 
  • Leasing facilities 
  • Quick company setup 
  • Advanced infrastructure
  • Exemption from all import and export taxes 
  • Allows remote process for company setup 
  • Wide range of business activities 
  • Availability of Visa and non-visa packages 
  • An integrated work-life balance
  • Low operational costs 
  • Support services for running as well as upcoming businesses 
  • A plethora of sophisticated technology-based sectors 
  • Ideal for business travelers 
  • Sufficient space for housing units 

Activities permitted in Dubai Silicon Oasis Free Zone 

DSO permits various activities to be performed in the region, such as – 

  • Logistics 
  • Manufacturing
  • Transport 
  • Consultancy 
  • Aviation 
  • Health 
  • Storage
  • Hospitality 
  • Marketing 
  • Trading 
  • Water management 
  • Education
  • Tourism 

Besides, Dubai Silicon Oasis Free Zone allows you to combine professional and commercial activities under one license. 

Licenses issued in Dubai Silicon Oasis Free Zone 

  • Trade license – Companies involved in activities related to the import, export, and distribution of items and goods specified in the license can obtain a trade license.
  • Industrial license – With an industrial license, corporations can import raw material, manufacture, process, assemble, package, and eventually export the finished product. 
  • Service license – Service license allows companies to carry out specified activities listed in the license. 

Apart from the above, DSOA also grants special permits to companies that are already registered in Dubai and wish to operate in the administrative zone of DSOA. The administrative zone of DSOA comprises freehold/leasehold properties owned by private developers. 

Types of business structures in Dubai Silicon Oasis Free Zone 

  • Free Zone Establishment(FZE) – The Free Zone Establishment is a legal entity established by a single shareholder, either an individual or a corporate company. 
  • Free Zone Company(FZCO) – Unlike FZE, a Free Zone Company is incorporated by multiple shareholders, around two to fifty shareholders. These shareholders can be individuals, corporate companies, or an amalgamation of both. 
  • Branch – A branch refers to a sub-division of an established company, whether in the UAE or abroad. Hence, the business activity carried out in the branch would be identical to the activity conducted by the parent company. 

Corporate facilities available in DSO Free Zone 

  • Premium industrial units 
  • Warehouses 
  • Work station/co-working spaces 
  • Office spaces 
  • Conference rooms
  • Meeting room 
  • Innovation stadium

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Workspaces available in DSO Free Zone 

  • DSOA Headquarters – ‘Plug and play’ offices with high-speed internet, data center, car parking, voice and data cables. Moreover, the area is surrounded by banks, post offices, restaurants, and coffee shops.
  • Dubai Technology Entrepreneur Campus (DTEC) – A creatively designed landscape, specialized in supporting technology businesses and start-ups, DTEC provides 24*7 access to conference rooms, creative rooms, and corporate partner labs. 
  • Technohub 2 – Offers ‘Plug and play’ offices with both unfurnished and furnished space options that can accommodate two to five hundred employees. 

Dubai Silicon Oasis Free Zone company formation process

Below are the steps to initiate DSOA company formation – 

  • Submit the application form 
  • Get the application request reviewed and obtain initial approval from the DSOA 
  • Submit the other legal documents and pay the fees 
  • Obtain an e-agreement (lease agreement and a digital agreement) from DSOA 
  • Sign the e-agreement
  • Receive an e-license 

Legal Documentation may include the following:

  • DSO company formation application form 
  • Passport copies of the owner/partners 
  • No Objection Certificate (for local partners)
  • Letter of intent 
  • Bank statement or reference letter from the bank 
  • Audited financial report, if required 
  • Detailed business plan 

DSO Freehold Setup Procedure

Freehold setup includes establishing a business within the Administrative Zone of DSO. This, however, includes certain steps and documents, such as – 

  • Submit an application for registration on DSOA’s customer portal 
  • Once approved, pay the requisite fee 
  • Sign a tenancy contract and submit it to a DSOA official
  • Upon review and approval, DSOA will prepare legal documents for the client’s approval 
  • DSOA will issue an e-license and upload it on DSOA’s customer portal 

Dubai Silicon Oasis company setup cost

Dubai Silicon Oasis is open to many types of companies, be it of any size. Therefore, it is quite uncertain to determine the Dubai Silicon Oasis company setup cost due to varying costs. Nevertheless, they are fairly comparable to other free zones in the region. A range of office space options is available including warehousing and land for development. However. all these facilities might have a huge bearing on the price. Furthermore, the cost of the whole setup depends on the size of the company, the overall budget, the number of employees, and other business needs. 

DSO Free Zone license renewal

The DSO free zone offers a very cost-effective and simple license renewal process. All you need to do is submit an audit report on an annual basis, starting from the second renewal of your company. Additionally, you also need to pay the renewal fee and submit the signed lease agreement for the facility used in your business. 

Furthermore, you can complete this process through a local agent. Thus, your physical presence is not mandatory to accomplish this task. 

Liquidation process in DSO Free Zone

Just like the renewal process, the liquidation process also doesn’t require the presence of the owner. Rather it can be accomplished by a local agent. All they need to do is pay a government fee and complete the below steps – 

  • Cancellation of visas 
  • Termination of the lease agreement 
  • Closure of bank account 

The overall liquidation process takes about one month to complete. 

Get started with your DSOA company formation! 

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