6 Useful Tips To Bring Volume To Your Thin Hair

If you have thin hair, you always wish to get amazing and hair full of volume! Most of us keep on obsessively mocking our strands, keep on spraying volumizing sprays and visit saloons for regular blow-dries. But all go in vain and your hair keeps on looking flat and thin. 

The fine hair can be soft, shuffled on the sides, and also the styling is a bit complex in this case. You can’t take the measurement of strand size and classify if your hair is fine or coarse. If your hair seems too thin when styled like with mini claw clip, maybe you are doing things in the wrong way. The care you are giving to your hair is not like the one that is required. 

For your help, here are some of the top mistakes explained and the ways to prevent them. Read on to know the details!

Wrong Shampoo & Conditioner 

Each of the hairstyling starts when you take the shower. It means before you blow-dry the hair or apply any product to them. Go for the products that are specifically designed to break frizz as they contain heavy oils and creams that assess the fine hair. People with fine hair should nourish conditioner but do not use it on the roots. The quality of the conditioner should be half of the shampoo so that it does not weigh down the hair. Conditioner helps in nourishing the hair strands and seals the gap between the layers to make them appear in a sitting position. 

Getting The Inappropriate Haircut 

We all love to do experiments with our hair layers like using claw clips for thick hair and a haircut is absolutely fun! However, this does not go well with those who have thin and fine hair. If you have already had thin hair, going with layers will make the appearance of hair thinner and very less in volume. Go for a blunt cut that makes your hair look filled with volume. What more can you do? Try to keep the hair short or mid-length. This is because the fine hair gets weighed down after a specific point due to its length. The perfect length suggested is the shoulder length. The long length of thin hair increases the risk of giving a perished appearance and also sticks to each other. 

Scalp Care 

Scalp care is an important aspect when you are thinking of bringing volume to your hair. Doing the proper shampoo to the scalp also contributes to creating volume for the strands. You should keep your scalp clean so that dirt, pollution, dead skin cells, and other build-ups cannot put weight on the hair. Bringing volume to hair can be more easily achieved by using a clarifying shampoo or a scalp scrub. If you think that thin hair requires layers of gels, mousses and sprays for looking voluminous, you are taking it wrong. Applying high-quality products can weigh down the roots and can damage your strands more. Prefer to use lightweight products and pick a root lifter for the roots only. Don’t use a heavy moisturizing product on the crown area or near the scalp.

Correct Blow-Dry

When you go blow-drying in a salon, you always end up with a bouncy blowout. This always happens because the salon experts very well know how to use a round brush for giving the perfect blow-dry. Use a small amount of volumizing mousse or spray and then use a round brush to give a lift to the hair up and away from the root. This is the best tip that can add volume and style it with mini claw clips for hair available. 

Right Layer Strategy 

Whether you are aware or not, but having layers can make the hair look scanty. That is why texture is the correct word to use and not the layer for thin hair. Initially, you can go with a simple cut and style and further adding long bangs with a textured cut. This will give a full look to your hair. Instead of layering, this textured look will make the hair look voluminous and longer too. The perfect styling of hair gives more density to it and it will appear fuller. Don’t make the mistake of cutting the bangs! By doing this, you are removing the hair from the area where they are generally required. Never compromise with the fullness and volume of your hair and go with calculated texturing.

Playing With Different Styles 

If you regularly make center part styles or smooth looks, it is time to get a new style. You can use hair claw clips for thin hair to get a decent yet stylish look. This is also advised by many experts and stylists. When you make a deep side part of your hair, this will bring volume and fullness specifically around your face. You can also try to add waves and gestures through the roots and mid shafts of the hair by using a curling iron or a wand. There are other options too like getting a textured wave. 

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