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7 Tips For Getting Rid of Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are very annoying insects that are difficult to fight.
We often find ourselves dealing with these problems:

  • The client is unfamiliar with the insect and thinks he can fight it like a simple Asian cockroach or bug.
  • Wrong! You need to know the Bedbug, eliminating it can be very difficult, especially if you make mistakes that can complicate the situation.
  • The customer is afraid and starts throwing everything away, turning the house upside down.
  • Fear, as well as haste, are bad counsellors. Stay calm, get informed and follow the advice of the experts.

In this short guide, we will try to provide some advice, deriving from a long experience in fighting our enemy: the Bed Bug.

Don’t Panic.

bedbug pest control

It sounds trivial, but the most common reaction as soon as the infestation is discovered is panic. Staying calm and inquiring is the best solution.

The first impression is that the bed bug is a common insect, easy to eradicate: I try the DIY. Wrong! The bed bug is a difficult insect to fight, especially for those unfamiliar with it.

The biggest problems are eggs and insecticides: very small eggs are difficult to find and eliminate. Even if I eliminate all live insects, the eggs will be able to hatch in the following weeks. Only one is enough to bring the problem back to the surface. the insecticides do not eliminate the problem, they only partially attack the insect, and they do not solve the egg problem. They also risk annoying the colony, causing it to move and expand. Better not to use them. Call professionals to remove bedbugs.

Make sure it’s bed bugs. Where to look for them.

It seems trivial, but it is necessary to verify that it really is this insect. Some tips to find them:

They leave bites on our body (only if we are allergic), typically at night while we sleep. The stings are lined up.

They leave little black cars, similar to black peppercorns. It’s their faecal excrement. We can find them on mattresses and sheets.

They hide around the bed area, but it is advisable to look for them on mattressesbaseboardselectrical sockets.

Do not throw or move objects

We do not recommend starting to throw away everything that seems haunted, without the necessary precautions.
When we move objects infested with bed bugs, we call them to expand the infestation (carrying eggs and bedbugs around the house) and to disturb their “nest”. If we want to throw away items, make sure to pack and seal them, for example in black bags, before moving them from the room. If we see any bed bugs around the room, we can use duct tape to remove them. We avoid insecticides.

bedbug removal treatment

If possible Do not sleep in other rooms

Bed bugs are attracted to the heat and carbon dioxide we produce during sleep. Better to avoid moving to other rooms or on the sofa at night. Bedbugs may move and follow us.

Do not use insecticides

Avoid insecticides and any type of pest control that makes use of them. The risk is to disturb the colony of insects, which will only move, expanding the infestation and making it even more complex to solve the problem.

Do not take items into other rooms

The risk is to expand the infestation. We avoid all movements between rooms.

Use the dryer at a high temperature.

High temperatures kill bed bugs, if we have clothes and are afraid they contain bed bugs or eggs, let’s run them inside a dryer.

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