8 Tips for Choosing a Good Lawyer

Lawyer Firm Accounting

When we have a legal matter (claims, defenses, lawsuits, consultations, Law Firm Accounting) is when we consider how we should select and hire a lawyer. At this time we will consider what to base ourselves on to choose it as well as prices (fees) and much more.

1. Forget friends, clients, acquaintances, etc

If you want to hire a good Law Firm Accounting, you should hire a professional in the field and not friends or acquaintances. That is the first big mistake made in Spain, hiring friends or acquaintances. The Judge will not take into account your “friendship” with the lawyer and you may find that in addition to losing the Trial, you lose the “friendship” that binds you to that lawyer or whoever has recommended it to you.

2. Meet with several attorneys before hiring

Advice-lawyer-two From our experience we can tell you that you should contact several professionals to be able to contrast evaluations. If you are looking for a good lawyer, it is always advised that you meet with several lawyers before hiring and present your case to them. Search and finally, you will find the best law firms in Spain.

3. Distrust the “First Free Consultation” in law firms

Advice-lawyer-threeThe consultations made to good lawyers are paid just as you pay the consultations to private doctors. Law Firm Accounting, like private physicians, have invested time and money in acquiring knowledge that makes them stand out from the crowd, and that knowledge is not shared for free.

4. Do not be guided by impressions or appearances of the lawyer

lawyer-advice-four You are going to hire a lawyer, a specialist in the field, not a catwalk model or a comedian to liven up your birthday party. Remember that the Judge will exclusively take into account legal criteria and his sentence will focus on those legal grounds.

5. Request a preliminary budget or a so-called Order Sheet

Advice-lawyer-cisco you is going to hire a professional (in our case a lawyer) and he will be happy to tell you in advance his fees or on what he bases them and draw up a contract in which they are recorded. Request a so-called “Order Sheet” for your safety and that of your lawyer. At no time should your lawyer feel offended by asking to know the fees. Well done seems well.

6. There are no free lawyers

Advice-lawyer-six All lawyers charge for their services in one way or another since it is a liberal profession and it is practiced for a profit. If a mechanic charges you to fix the car and a plumber to fix the damaged pipe, what makes you think that a lawyer is going to work for free?

7. The Lawyer on Duty will charge you

Advice-lawyer-even chooses your trusted lawyer since the Lawyer of the Public Service is not free. If you do not meet the criteria for granting you the so-called Free Justice, the Lawyer on Duty will send you his invoice, and the amount thereof will correspond to the criteria established by the Bar Association.

8. A cheap lawyer could be very expensive

Advice-lawyer-eight In the Courts of Justice, if you lose the Trial, they can impose the so-called “Judicial Costs” for which you will have to pay your cheap lawyer and the lawyer of the opposing party. For example. It may happen that you have gone to trial with a “cheap lawyer” and lose the trial. The opposing party has gone to trial with an “expensive” Lawyer and has won that Trial. Well, not only will the opposing party not pay her expensive lawyer, but you will pay your cheap lawyer and the other party’s expensive lawyer. We hope with these tips to have clarified with what criteria you can choose the lawyer that best suits your needs the best lawyers for you.

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