8 Webflow tutorials for a beginner’s to create a website

Standard website builders like Wix and Squarespace can only take you so far. More complex than your typical DIY site builder, Webflow offers more options and functionality than your typical DIY site builder. To get started, you may require some basic Webflow lessons, especially if this is your first time using Webflow.

Here are the 9 greatest Webflow lessons so you can learn how to use this site-building software. Before diving in, let us learn first what Webflow is and is it appropriate for you?

What exactly is a Webflow?

Webflow is a website design application that allows users to create website designs without having to bother about coding or HTML. After building the site in the editor, Webflow creates the HTML, CSS, or JavaScript needed to publish it. Squarespace or Wix-style editors are comparable to Webflow’s framework, but with additional choices. Webflow provides more complex functionality and customization possibilities than its more traditional relatives. So you may break the mold and develop creative sites.

If you have a certain vision in mind for your website design, Webflow can help you realize it. Inevitably, with more functionalities comes a higher learning curve. If you want to get the most out of Webflow, you’ll have to spend some time learning how to utilize it. There are nine sites where you may get Webflow lessons if you’ve ever been stumped and need help.

Webflow Designs

When it comes to design, Webflow stands out. This makes it feel highly complex without feeling inaccessible, as you can make all sorts of customizations, without needing to know any coding. A wide range of sectors is covered by well-designed templates that are mobile-friendly. Unlike WordPress, Webflow provides you total design flexibility. While WordPress may grow crowded owing to the necessity for plugins, Webflow’s code is tidy and of high quality.

A visual method to develop, Webflow is also a publishing and hosting platform. From nothing to the published website is only a fraction of the time it would take to code manually. As soon as you’ve developed your site’s design aesthetically, you’re ready to publish it to the web. Code expertise is not required, but you must understand the “what” and “why” of the things you perform. We’re going to run into difficulties with your design, and you’ll need to know how to fix them if you do.

With its drag-and-drop interface, Webflow is an excellent tool for creating dynamic website designs. Designed for designers who wish to build distinctive layouts without scripting. Design flexible websites with a browser-based visual editor with Webflow, a SaaS solution for web designers. Webflow creates HTML, CSS, and JavaScript as designers are using the program.

A Website Tutorial for Absolute Beginners

Webflow lesson for Torque Magazine by Nick Schaferhoff is one of the best ones for a general overview: everything is cleanly arranged by category so you can locate what you’re looking for, and it doesn’t become bogged down with technical specifics. Intended to demonstrate to readers what other options are available, this essay is remarkably impartial in its assessment of Webflow.

It is a comprehensive overview of Webflow. It’s not exactly a how-to tutorial, however, it may cover certain elements of utilizing the interface and what you can do with it. Instead, it’s meant to be a primer for someone who wants to learn more about Webflow’s features. Pricing is for free. It is recommended by Designviva when you have no idea other than Webflow and you are deciding between Webflow and any other platform.

Learning from Jen Kramer 

Jen Kramer, a former freelancer, offers her industry insights in her LinkedIn Learning course, Learning Webflow. In about 1 hour and 46 minutes, you’ll learn all about the inner workings of Webflow. A beginner’s guide to beginning a project and publishing a completed website design. Using the Webflow interface, Kramer explains the pieces you’ll need and how to add them to your site.

He also explains how to construct individual pages, such as Home and Contact. A LinkedIn Learning membership is required to access it. It’s free for those who already have a membership to LinkedIn Learning, but else you’ll have to join up for the service. LinkedIn Learning membership for $39.99/month. Designviva suggests this tutorial when you want to learn the very basics and start as a novice. In addition to this, you have already subscribed to LinkedIn Learning.

The Easiest Guide to Webflow for Beginners

A free online essay by Jan Losert, The Easiest Guide to Webflow for Beginners, discusses Webflow’s basics. This quick-reference guide is accompanied by screenshots and gifs. Links to additional resources like template libraries and UI kits are also included in the guide. The author’s pleasant tone and emojis brighten the mood. It is completely free, and it is recommended by Designviva when it’s easier to learn from written guidelines than from video lessons, and you may study at your speed.

Website for Beginners: A Masterclass in Webflow

Nearly 5 hours of video are separated into 36 courses in Webflow for Beginners: A Masterclass in Webflow, a solid introduction for beginners. Use the Webflow interface, add items and build an example landing page. Although you may sometimes get it at a discount, the entire course costs $44.99. Use Webflow to create your web design business, a free course is also a good option.

As per Designviva about its pricing, for $44.95, you may take a Webflow Masterclass for beginners. Build your web design business for free with Webflow. Go for it when you want to learn everything from basics to the highest level and if you like the Udemy learning model.

How To Structure Websites Efficiently with Webflow

How to Effectively Structure Websites the Webflow lesson will go through the idea of website design structuring and how to accomplish it correctly in Webflow. This is a frequent error made by novice Webflow users. So, follow this 8-minute video instruction to prevent committing this mistake and saving yourself a headache later!

Flux is designer Ran Segall’s YouTube channel, where he and his co-hosts discuss industry-related subjects ranging from business guidance to basic methods. If you want to learn more about Webflow, Flux has a whole playlist dedicated to it and yes, it’s free. Apart from this, Designviva suggests this when you are very new to Webflow, and you need some extra structure on the basics.

Build a full website in Webflow

Design+Code provides a free, comprehensive tutorial on how to utilize Webflow, with 12 distinct videos ranging in length from 10 to 20 minutes. These Webflow screenshare views in video format make it simple to learn your way around the program and tackle complex approaches. You may stop and start the course at your speed because it is divided into 12 different videos.

Depending on your learning curve and interest, you may easily go from one lesson, such as how to perform parallax scrolling, to making Lottie animation. It is for free and Designviva recommends this if you want screen sharing of genuine Webflow usage; these videos show just the Webflow interface at work, which can assist certain types of learners to realize out what everything is and how to accomplish the activities they require.

How to choose the right Webflow template

You came for the Webflow lessons but stayed for the community. In addition to coaching and chat forums, Pixel Geek is a well-known community of designers who don’t utilize code. Nelson Abalos Jr. hosts Pixel Geek’s YouTube channel. If you’re looking for a Webflow template, this 38-minute video lesson will teach you how to find the ideal one for your needs. For further Webflow training, Pixel Geek provides two distinct playlists: Webflow for Beginners, and Webflow for Advanced Users.

Depending on the host, the films can last anywhere from 5 minutes to over an hour. Designviva says that its pricing is for free, and it is recommended only if a more personal, less clinical instructor is what you’re after. Want to be a part of the Pixel Geek community as well!

Webflow for Entrepreneurs and UI/UX designers

What you need to know about Webflow for entrepreneurs and UI/UX designers will be covered in this session.

There is no need to fear if you have no prior understanding of the subject. The initiator of course was a UI/UX designer who didn’t know how to code or create a website design when he began. Have a Skillshare membership? Check out Webflow Advanced & CMS. Its rate is $8/month that is $2.49/month if billed annually AND Designviva suggests this when you have already done the subscription to skillshare premium.

Conclusion: Getting the ideal website for you

It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for video Webflow lessons or text-based guidance, premium online learning, or something a little freer. Please contact us if you would want help from a professional designer to develop the appearance and feel of your dream website design.

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