A Guide About Construction Phases And Site Security

Vandalism and theft are two of the most common reasons building sites cannot make money. And could significantly increase the duration until they are completed.

The Security of construction sites is an overwhelming task because the site is always evolving, and you must modify the security measures you use to ensure that everything on the site is as safe as it could be.

As the construction site expands, it also increases its value and becomes a profitable target for robbers.

Do you want to learn how to ensure your security is secure through every step of the construction process.

Foundation Phase

This phase is the smallest amount of workers involved since foundations are laid in the initial stage of construction. Since laying the foundations doesn’t require a lot of expensive items or equipment. Security will not need to be as strict as it would be in different phases.

The most effective security measure to use at this point is to install a fence high enough that marks your building site to be a restricted entry zone for anyone who is not permitted to enter the site, as well as an entrance gate for employees as well as a sliding gate for cars.

Structural Phase

During this time, various experts are involved in building the structures once the concrete carcass is laid. The number of authorized workers can be difficult to keep track of at this point. Because there will be numerous people who aren’t aware of who has access to the construction sites.

This means that anyone who is not authorized can access the construction site if there aren’t any security measures to protect the site.

Access control systems can block unwelcome visitors from entering the site by allowing only people with the proper identification devices, like handheld transmitters, as well as automated passes and fingerprint-based controls.

It is equally important to ensure that your property is secure during the night as it would be during the day. Wireless CCTV cameras and strong fencing can stop people from entering and catch individuals who get lost on the premises.

Final Phase

It is the most crucial moment of construction. And when the largest amount of costly equipment is on the site at once. It is crucial to be secure throughout the final phase of construction.

The Security that was put in the fences used to guard the exterior of the building will now be moved inside to catch any unintentional activity occurring inside the structure. Hiring a security company https://alistsecurity.com/ is a better option.

Also, you’ll be able to utilize sensors in the building to identify unwanted employees when someone is in the building after hours. An automatic report is created for the project manager, and police can take appropriate action.

Many site owners and personnel fall into the trap of ignoring common materials. Such as lead, copper and aluminum in establishing security arrangements. These materials are more valuable than you think, and skilled criminals know this.

That can be why they use those sites that are not equipped with the proper security precautions. If you are proactive and follow the guidelines above to protect the construction area from turning into a record!

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