A Guide to VM Use Cases to Know The Benefits of VM Hosting

Do you want to know how virtualization can increase your business productivity?  If yes, then you must look at the popular use cases of online virtual machines. Read on to decide whether VM Hosting will be beneficial for your business.

It’s been more than a decade now, server and storage virtualization are benefiting enterprises in fulfilling their business, and IT needs. These benefits are not only limited to provisioning hardware capacity. However, VM is playing a crucial role in helping companies to adopt the cloud-native approach.

Virtual machines’ increasing popularity and benefits are among the top-most reasons enterprise organizations adopt the cloud-native approach. Besides all, the cloud’s agility to drive business growth, mobility to adapt to changes in the technology, and security to ensure that data is safe from cyberattacks are notable reasons VMs are the next big thing in the cloud.

A Virtual Machine plays a crucial role in creating an environment for applications and tools, whether online or on-premises. If you are planning to invest in virtual machine hosting, it’s recommended to check the use cases to know how beneficial it will be. But first, let us give you a brief of what VMs are. So, let’s get started!

VM or Virtual Machine – A Brief Introduction

A virtual machine (VM) is a software implementation of a computer system that allows users to have access to multiple operating systems (OS) on a single physical device at the same time.

VM cloud hosting is a service where you can create your virtual server. It is quite popular among web developers who need complete control over their servers but don’t want to spend time managing the day-to-day operations of their servers.

It’s a hosting that utilizes virtualization technology to allow companies to have increased storage or processing power to rent excess capacity without the infrastructure required to support additional servers. Now you have a slight idea of VM and virtual machine hosting, it’s the right time to know how it can benefit your business. So, let’s get into the details!

Popular Use Cases of Online Virtual Machine

1.  Consolidate Server

Server consolidation is an approach that lets enterprises reduce their server allocation needs by using the available computer resources. Online virtual machines work as a server that can easily host other VMs on the same server, and it requires a virtual framework that can easily manage the lifecycle of an online VM Hosting.

2.  Development & Testing

Online virtual machines are among favourites of developers and testers, as it enables them to have an isolated environment whether they can work without any hassle. VM cloud hosting has become an ever-growing trend in the software industry. Now, developers and testers can focus on their tasks without worrying about their impacts on the surrounding infrastructure.

3.  Support DevOps

Improving the overall functionality, speed, and quality of existing software applications are among the prime tasks of DevOps. Thus, they always need tools that empower data transparency and power up their software development life cycle. Technologies like cloud and automation play a vital role to achieve enterprise goals of continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery (CD).

Besides these new-age technologies, virtual machines emerge as powering tools that ensure rapid and stable deployment. Virtual machines offer easy to use features and act as a valuable tool for DevOps. It allows developers to turn on and off their applications and adopt updates, ensuring flexibility for development.

4.  Data Migration

Migrating to the cloud is a very complex task as it requires careful planning and detailed analysis to get everything done smoothly. Now, you must be wondering how it’s possible. To get the answer, you need to understand how cloud computing works. When you plan to move to the cloud, your data will be distributed to a resource pool having a large network of computers. An online virtual machine represents an isolated partition with its operating system and running applications within a real computer.

VM has replaced the need to have hardware components by providing an aggregated pool of virtually available resources. A VM delivers dedicated space, memory, networking and supports software and applications like a real computer. It’s essential to have a better understanding of the features virtual hosting offers before you invest. In virtual machine hosting, you will get the flexibility and portability needed to speed up the data migration process.

5.  Data Recovery

It’s one of the prime benefits of having a virtual server. As you know, an online virtual machine is the software simulation of a computer system, which means you don’t need to look for the backups and do everything manually again in case of disaster recovery. Businesses have to make informed decisions with a traditional data setup, like which machine they want to safeguard. If you have a large number of resources, using conventional ways of disaster recovery can be expensive. It’s where server virtualization enters the picture.

VMs ensure extra security, availability and certainty as it’s a software representation of a computer system in a cloud. To avail of the benefits, one needs to update their cloud environment frequently.

6.  Provide a Hybrid Environment

A virtual machine acts as the foundation of developing a cloud environment. Along with a cloud environment, VM also works on an on-premises hybrid environment, ensuring high flexibility and security without affecting the legacy system. A VM protects in several ways than maintaining everything on a traditional approach. It’s to scan an online virtual machine for malicious software. Additionally, you can easily create a separate setup for your virtual machine at any point in time.


We hope that the above discussion on virtualization will guide you to decide whether VM hosting will be beneficial for your business or not. Using a virtual machine is very easy, and in fact, you can use it like any other physical server. Another great benefit of using a VM host is that it can render your websites work exactly like a real computer.

If you still have any doubts, getting in touch with the Go4hosting experts is the right decision. Call the experts at 1-888-288-3570 and get assistance to make an informed decision about the virtual machine hosting plans that suit your needs.

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