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Average Gas Bill – How Much Does Gas Cost Per Month?

Natural gas is being used in multiple things like; heating, cooking, & running appliances. But considering the Indian household scenario, the LPG is majorly used for cooking as it is very efficient and cost-effective compared to other options. Well, an Average Gas Bill varies different from state to state, and the state governments add a multitude of taxes on natural gas, so even after consuming the same amount, the average bill differs. Whether you are paying a gas bill online or doing an LPG cylinder booking, the prices will be contradicted. 

However, to provide you with in-depth information, here are all the necessary details about the average gas bill on how much it costs per month depending on the usage. 

Average Gas Bill – How much does it costs?

The rate of your gas bill depends upon various factors like your location, the quantity you purchase and your requirement. During the majority of the working days, the usage of gas is higher which leads to more gas consumption. It is recorded that the gas bill is higher in winters in comparison to summers. However, in summers, electricity charges are likely to surge contrasted with the gas bills.

Your economic status also plays an important role in deciding your gas pricing. If you are eligible for subsidies from the government for bharat gas booking, you can get it directly into your bank account. Considering subsidies, the Indian government offers up to 14% of the total LPG gas price as a subsidy to the economically weaker sections of the society. You can now pay your gas bill online without much hassle. 

Average Gas Bill/Month

According to DNA India, a family of four consumes 15KG gas/month in basic use. It means if you are a family of four and using LPG/natural gas in cooking and in running some low-rate appliances, the average bill of your house will be around Rs.1,200. Although, if you are using the same in heating your house, the price of the average bill may be higher. 

Factors which made effect in Gas Bill

Some notable factors may affect your average monthly gas payment. Whether you pay gas bills online or offline, or you are asking for an LPG cylinder booking, these factors will surely affect your monthly gas consumption.

The prime factors are the age, requirements & size of your family, if you are living with all your family members together in a single house, then it definitely requires additional energy to cover all their cooking needs. And, if your family size is lesser, then eventually the gas requirement will be much lower. So, there will be a dip in the price of the gas bill. If you are a family of four or five, then your average gas bill will remain between 1200-1400 Rs/month. But if your family have more peoples, it simply means more consumption and more expenses.

One of the biggest factors in surging the average gas bill is the number of gas appliances and their age. If you are using the only stove, furnace, and only necessary appliances, your average bill is likely to remain constant. But, if you are using a large number of appliances and they are old, they may directly impact your pocket when you went to do gas payment online or while LPG cylinder booking.

As we noted above, the prices of the natural gas bill and LPG differs from state to state as the GST and CGST differ. If you are living in Gujrat, the average price per kg of gas is Rs. 64. However, the same per kg price in Uttar Pradesh is Rs. 67, & in West Bengal, it goes to Rs. 72.5 (rate as per the status of May).

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How My Gas Bill is Calculated

The gas payment is usually calculated by the LPG Provider. In this calculation, various things include; total gas usage, per unit cost, transportation charge, customer charge, and some other taxes & fees. However, your initial gas payment is dependent on your total gas consumption which is proportional to the gas meter reading. 

And, then the other bills after the initial one will remain under assessed reading. To calculate sum cost of your Gas payment, multiply the total consumption by the gas charge that falls below. In addition, if your gas consumption is higher than the average, the price per unit cost will automatically surge. Here we are adding some of the appliances that consume most of the energy and made directly affect your average gas payment & LPG cylinder booking- Gas Oven, HVAC, Grills, & Fire Pits. If you opt to pay your gas bill online from third-party Methods. like Paytm, Mobikwik, etc. then you will get rewards.

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