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Bahria Town Business Hub

Bahria town is a renowned residential real estate name in Pakistan. It has established strong roots in every major city of Pakistan throughout years. With each passing year, the name becomes more luxurious and is associated with a luxury, extravagant lifestyle and best investment opportunity. People take Bahria’s living style as good as the European living standard.

Most people prefer Bahria town for residential purposes. But good residency offers by other housing societies like DHA and city housing schemes. So, question arises that, what makes Bahria town famous in the real estate market? Answer is good and friendly business infrastructure opportunities which are not exactly the same in other societies.

People who have Bahria town available in their cities avail it to Bahria town for spending a good time. They have every service from facilitation to entertaining people. From international food chains, the latest cinemas and shopping plazas. Despite of these things, the moment you enter Bahria town you will find clean, green and beautiful eye-catching infrastructure. Ceramic statues of animals positioned in different places add more scenic beauty to town.

Bahria as a business center

There are no housing society that is more attractive and big commercial center like Bahria town. This can be seen in every Bahria town. In Bahria town commercial centers develop more rapidly than the residents. People and companies use the name of Bahria as a brand advertisement and invest without any hesitation. Bahria also builds eye catching infrastructure like a copy of Eiffel tower in Rawalpindi, Rollercoasters, and Grand Jamia Mosque in Lahore’s Bahria which is the seventh largest mosque in the world. They know the strategy that if they invest or have business in Bahria they have bright chances of success and profit turnover in future.

People who have a residence in Bahria town are usually open- minded and want hustle in their life without strict community rules. Other societies have very strict rules and entrance policies which limit the movement of people and commercial activities. For this reason, many outsiders do not like to spend their leisure time there. They have to answer the questions of guards and have to keep their official documents and national ID cards on the gate which is not liked by many people. This limits the commercial activity in the housing scheme.

Bahria town offers a gated community but they are not restricted as others. During day time it’s normal, guards only ask questions during late- night entrance. People come to enjoy their time in open roof cafes, loud music and late night hustle in town. Its residence also has same mind set to have more live night life and environment.

Bahria town, has a more beautiful and scenic views which attracts more people to spend time here. whether there are parks, cafes all built in a beautiful cinematic picturesque way. These all things attract people to consume products and services in Bahria town. In Bahria town we can find open sheesha cafes, smoking shops and snooker clubs. It attracts young people to enjoy quality time with their friends and family in Bahria town.

Bahria has a big commercial center in mid of the town which is open 24/7. Where we can find everything for shopping, entertainment and eating. It is a few meters away from the residential area, so that residents don’t face any problems from commercial activities in town. It has small commercial centers in every phase, where there are only small shops for daily use products like general stores, milk shop and stationary shops, grocery marts, small eateries and cafes are available.

In Bahria town, commercial plots value is increasing day by day and they skyrocketed because there are no limits to commercial activity in Bahria town. There are no such construction restrictions in Bahria which are in other socites. Big commercial projects in Bahria are only allowed in main business centers which gives no problem to residents.

Why not DHA

In Pakistan, there are main two housing societies that offer luxurious lifestyle. But only Bahria offers good business opportunities. This is because DHA has strict commercial regulations and movement. We don’t hear people saying let’s go to DHA for a good time, but its common to hear let’s go to Bahria for enjoyment. Behind this, there are factors that people are saying this.

DHA offers a more secure and peaceful environment. As DHA is organize by Pakistan’s army so want to maintain the policies and protocol as same as some cantonment. It is supervise and managed by retired army personnel. Most residents of DHA is retired army officers and government officials who take their security important. They don’t want irrelevant traffic in society. Most businesses and services inside DHA are offered by retired army officers. So DHA is more oriented toward giving business opportunities to government officials.

Although DHA offers a beautifully built society, they lack eye-catching things that Bahria town has. They have small commercial centers which don’t attract outsiders. This makes DHA less attractive to businessman and investors. They prefer to have business in Bahria town

DHA, being expensive has it has more high elite standard of living. whereas Bahria Towns are more accessible by locals

Commercial life in Bahria town

Bahria Town is a great place to do business. Many people buy a shop and earn great returns. Those who buy a shop can also give it for rent to someone else. Surely, people spend on business activities at their ease. Firms also open their offices in Bahria town. Because the people can afford to buy at high prices with high profit return. Bahria offers the complete packages to people ranging from residence, offices, shops and cafes.

Offices: There are many towers that can help to open the offices in Bahria Town. Property dealers build these so that they can offer rent or sell the offices. Many small businesses have setup their offices in Bahria town.

Shops: There is a great chance for brands to open their shops in Bahria Town. The main reason is the ease of the customers. They will not have to go out shopping. Also, the people who are living in Bahria Town, as well as outsiders, earn by opening shops.

Shopping Malls: Mainly, builders plan to open shopping malls, arenas, playing zones. They advertise and attract famous brands to open their shops too.

Cafes: Mostly food brands have eating outs in Bahria Town ranging from local to international. Indeed, these brands know their worth and have the idea that customers come to their shops. There are famous cafes like Gossip’s, Gloria Jeans, Dunkin Donuts etc.

Bahria town is mostly located far outside from cities because big housing infrastructure is impossible to build inside the city. This makes Bahria town a whole new city and creates a ton of business and investment opportunities. It attracts the  small business to big businesses. Even the road which passes from city to Bahria town has also developed as Business hub.

If anyone has to start a new business, and wants to earn more money on a commercial plot, entrepreneurship or food setup. Know that Bahria town is the place. Many business ideas that can only work efficiently in Bahria town like food delivery services, veterinary doctors, interior designing and house cleaning services. People of Bahria town prefer quality living and they spend money they want to live a comfortable life.

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