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Benefits of using an articulated bed

Benefits for the patient

  1. Get extra comfort by increasing the functionality of the beds co uk with various positions (allows you to read, watch TV or use the computer in a more ergonomic way).
  2. They are perfect for both people with common problems such as leg fatigue, poor circulation or back pain. But also for disabled people who are forced to spend most of the day in bed.
  3. In the case that the bed has a trundle, it provides extra storage space in the bedroom.
  4. Improve the sleep of people with pathologies such as gastric reflux and the like that improve by sleeping more incorporated.
  5. Provide greater independence to the patient. Since they can change their position without the need for help and. Have a large number of positions without having to move their body a lot.
  6. Facilitate blood circulation. They are adjusted to the specific problems of each person. distributing the pressure evenly over the entire surface. Thus, they manage to reduce the tension with which the heart has to work to distribute the oxygen our body needs.
  7. But also, we must not forget the figure of the caregiver , who performs an overload if he has to lean in a bed that is too low, to incorporate or lift the person with ailments. Therefore, we will also mention the benefits that articulated beds report in your figure.

Benefits for the caregiver

  1. Facilitate the task, helping to comply with normal hygiene and food processes.
  2. Allow people with reduced mobility to change position more easily and more frequently.
  3. If the articulated bed has a lift car. It will help the caregiver to get the patient up and down from the bed more easily. The caregiver will be able to make the bed without having to bend their back.
  4. Different types of articulated beds
  5. Once the decision to buy an articulated bed has been made , we will go on to assess the different types of beds, taking into account that the main difference between one and the other is the availability or not of a lift truck.

From here we will take into account the price , being the first difference between one and the other. Thus, articulated beds with a lift truck are the most expensive. The second difference is the comfort for the caregiver and the patient. In beds with a lift car, the caregiver does not have to strain their back as much. You can place the bed in a more comfortable position, avoiding long-term back pain and lumbar pain and injuries typical of your workplace.

Benefits of an electric articulated bed

the importance of articulated beds and the benefits it brings. To the user due to its positioning and to the assistant who has to attend to the patient. Many know them as beds for the sick or beds for the disabled, however, as we will see later, introducing an articulated bed when adapting the home for the elderly

With this type of bed we improve the health of the patient and obtain greater comfort, giving us the opportunity to be used by a chronic patient, circulatory problems, back problems, people with reduced mobility or the disabled.

We are going to try with this post to explain the benefit of the use of an articulated bed for both a user and the caregiver and explain the different models of beds that we have.

The benefits for the user are various, such as:

  1. Obtaining extra comfort with the various positions that the beds co uk allows us. Being useful for reading, watching television, using our computer in a more ergonomic way.
  2. They are perfect for people with problems of leg fatigue, poor circulation or back pain, and are also perfect for people who are in beds co uk most of the day.
  3. They improve the sleep of people suffering from gastric reflux and the like that improve sleeping in a more upright position.
  4. It gives us greater independence to the user, since they can change their position without the need for help, having a large number of positions without the need for body movements.
  5. It facilitates blood circulation, being able to adjust to specific problems of each person, distributing the pressure more evenly over the entire surface, managing to reduce the tension with which the heart has to work, distributing the oxygen that our body needs.

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