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Best Kid-friendly attractions in Dubai

Dubai is the most populated city in the United Arab Emirates, with jaw-dropping contemporary architecture, sprawling retail complexes, and unique man-made islands.

Known for its inexhaustible supply of intriguing facilities, restaurants, and cafés, it is a city brimming with both glitz and culture. It is an East-West hybrid.

When you see photographs of Dubai, you might think it is a futuristic metropolis, but it has a rich cultural & historical heritage worth exploring. With a plethora of marketplaces, gastronomic delicacies, and cultural experiences to enjoy, Dubai’s old town is a must-visit for culture vultures.

Dubai’s contemporary side shines through when it comes to family-friendly attractions and activities. The city flourishes because of its unique mix of ancient and contemporary architecture.

Isn’t it wonderful when a vacation spot can accommodate members of every generation? The contemporary aspect of Dubai shines brightest when it comes to kids activities in Dubai.

Dubai Parks and Resorts

Dubai Parks and Resorts

Dubai Parks and Resorts is without a doubt the best spot for children to have fun in Dubai, and perhaps the whole globe. It is a one-stop shop, to be sure. To put it simply, it is one of the best things to do with kids in Dubai because of its hotels, restaurants, and infinite entertainment options.

The Dubai Parks and Resorts was where you can begin your tour of Dubai. Make sure you plan your trip around nap times and our normal routine because we were within a five-minute walk from Legoland, Bollywood, and Motion Gate.

The time at the museum is better enhanced by the few crowds, short distances, and the simplicity of returning to the hotel room.

You should also be concerned about the heat with your young ones, so it is pleasing to discover that the park included several air-conditioned areas. It makes a huge impact!

The heart of Dubai Parks and Resorts is Riverland. It resembles a core node from which you may access all of the parks. A variety of pubs and restaurants may be found in the immediate area, as well.

Riverland features a variety of firework displays and street acts during the peak season.

Dubai’s Legoland theme park

Legoland Dubai

The first theme park to make it to the list is Legoland Dubai, which is spectacular. The waterpark and theme park are located immediately next to one other, making it easy to visit both.

However, you will be most impressed by the Legoland Waterpark. Children can very well cool down and get their own playtime. As the venue is not so crowded, you could relax and enjoy yourself without having to worry about long lines. Legoland’s Lazy River is just one of the many fantastic attractions.

“Make Your Own Raft,” and the concept is that you can build a raft out of the countless lego pieces that line the lazy river.

Legoland Dubai Waterpark had a variety of slides, some of which were ideal for toddlers, while others were more appropriate for older children or adults.

For small children, the modest pools with shade were ideal.

MotionGate Dubai

Motiongate Dubai

Motion Gate Dubai was kept for the second day at Dubai Parks and Resorts. The feel and ambiance are at par with Singapore’s Universal Studios. Motion Gate has something for every age group.

To get things started, we took in every one of the performances. It was an amazing day spent with the actors of Madagascar, from Kung Fu Panda dancing and teaching the youngsters his movements to a complete theatrical performance. Many people inquired about how we dealt with the heat, and what I like most about Motion Gate is that much of the building is air-conditioned. Spending just brief amounts of time in the blazing sun became considerably more bearable as a result of this.

Shrek’s World is everyone’s favorite due to the adorable train ride. It actually will make you feel as if you are in the movie and the experience will be amazing for the kids.

Even with little children, the park is manageable in a single day.

Bollywood Dubai 

Bollywood Dubai

Bollywood Dubai is a favorite of many of the three Dubai Parks and Resorts. There are no rides here; instead, you will see stunning models of Indian landscapes and a nearly perfect facsimile of the Taj Mahal.

Everywhere you go in the Bollywood arena, you will witness street performers entertaining the crowds. Both the railway station model and a performance reenacting life in Mumbai, India, were fantastic.

Most of the time will be spent viewing an elaborate show in the main theater.

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