Best ways to purchase third party car insurance online

Getting car insurance online is a convenient option that most people choose to secure the pocket in case of an accident. In India, every car must have insurance. As per the Motor Vehicles Act of 1988, it is mandatory for every vehicle to have third-party car insurance; otherwise, one has to pay a fine as per rules. 

Car insurance is broadly divided into two types, comprehensive and third-party. As the name suggests, comprehensive car insurance is a great option to safeguard the financial obligation towards all parties in an accident. Having a third party car insurance online cover keeps you safe when the third party is harmed in the accident, making it necessary and unavoidable.

Buying online is the easiest way of procuring third-party or comprehensive car insurance. You can visit the Bajaj Finserv website to explore the clear difference between the two and buy the best car insurance plans online at affordable premiums. However, before buying third-party car insurance, you must keep a few tips in mind.

Ensure that your policy offers the following benefits:

  • The policy should cover all damages towards a third-party vehicle in an accident. Ensuring that you do not need to spend money on the repairs of a third-party vehicle.
  • All third-party medical expenses must be covered if an individual is harmed. Hence, all the treatment costs are covered in your insurance plan, subject to the insurer’s discretion.
  • If a third-party individual is critically harmed, leading to their death, the cost for the same must be covered too.
  • You must have the options for add-ons such as personal accident cover.

Apart from the above benefits, one important point to note is that your third-party insurance cover provider has a high claim settlement ratio, which will help you get a seamless experience.

Best ways to purchase third party car insurance online

An Individual can buy third-party car insurance online easily by going to the insurance provider’s website. You can fill in the details of your car, and once your details are verified, the insurer’s website will generate the best car insurance deals for you.

You must then carefully read the terms and conditions for all shortlisted plans to understand the benefits of different insurance covers. Once you are satisfied with the information, choose an insurance cover that best suits your needs. In today’s digital world, buying car insurance online is easy, and you can secure it with gateway-protected payment options.

Therefore, once you decide which car insurance to buy, you can choose the cover and premium amount. Once done, the premium can be paid online through various transaction mediums such as UPI, net banking, etc. Subsequently, you will get all the insurance coverage details on your registered email address. Keep a record of the documents and know your renewal and premium payment dates.

If you have any queries or concerns, you can connect with customer care online and get them resolved quickly. All these facilities ensure your decision to buy car insurance online is safe and secure.

You must also gain details about the add-ons to your third-party car insurance covers. Which will help you in the long run when you want to renew or upgrade your car insurance plan.

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