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Can Thunderbird Read PST Files? How?

An article dedicated to answering a general query i.e., can Thunderbird read PST files or not? Readers will learn all about the compatibility factor of Mozilla Thunderbird and PST file format. As well as know how we can make Thunderbird open the PST file with an easy solution. unique posting

There are a variety of circumstances when Outlook users switch towards Thunderbird email clients. Be it unintentional or deliberate, this often leads to a situation where users need to access the PST file in the Thunderbird platform. Why? Because PST is the proprietary format of MS Outlook. It is used for storing all the mailbox items including emails, attachments, contacts, tasks, calendars, etc. So we can say that whether or not Can Thunderbird read PST files is entirely dependent on its compatibility with the Microsoft Outlook platform. The article comprises various technicalities revolving around this problem along with a convenient solution.

Compatibility Factor of PST file and Mozilla Thunderbird

Mozilla Thunderbird is incompatible with PST files. Thus it provides no option to import or read them directly. But it does not mean that there is no way to perform this task. Thunderbird has its own mailbox format MBOX, which plays an important role in solving this query. The best course of action is to first convert the PST files into the readable format of the Thunderbird email client i.e., MBOX. Afterward, the output MBOX can be easily accessed in Thunderbird, thus solving the problem.

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As discussed above, email conversion is the quickest means of achieving the desired outcome. And conversion always requires the aid of a trusted and powerful utility for the best results. FreeSoftvare PST to MBOX Converter perfectly fits this space. A polished tool with a high affinity for producing the finest MBOX files without any data loss. It doesn’t matter if the PST files are large in number or size, this application exports them all in Thunderbird compatible format.

Steps to Thunderbird Read PST Files

  • Firstly, download and install PST to the MBOX application on the Windows system.
  • Now, run the tool and click on the Open menu tab
  • Next, hit the first Browse button and select the PST file to be imported into Thunderbird
  • Afterward, hit the browse button associated with the Destination path and select the preferred location to save output MBOX files
  • Choose to maintain the folder hierarchy as per preference
  • Finally, click the Export button to start saving emails.

Why use FreeSoftvare Converter?

Not limited to just basic conversion, the tool provides additional benefits through its exceptional features. Some of its advantages are as follows:

  • Simple and Interactive UI
  • Keeps the email attachments intact
  • Preserves Inline Images
  • Supports PST files of all Outlook versions

Summing UP

In this article, we have discussed Thunderbird Read PST Files. Here we have described one of the best software to get rid of these issues without any hassle. Take decisions wisely.

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