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Canon Pixma TR4522 Wireless setup on using ij.start.canon

Canon Pixma TR4522 is an affordable printer that allows users can print or scan their documents. It’s an ideal printing device for small and large businesses. The Canon Pixma T4522 printer offers an easy and efficient printing system for offices in a compact size.

Canon Pixma TR4522 printer is an all-in-one printing device that permits people to print, copy,, and scan their documents and. Therefore, after the user purchases the Canon printer, it is required to go through the setup procedure. This is why, customers are suggested to check the Canon Pixma TR4522 Wireless setup procedure.

There is an automatic document feeder and an inbuilt feature for faxing. The automatic feeder can be used by users to scan or copy several pages in a single operation. Additionally, users can connect their Canon pixma T4522 via a network router or USB cable. Additionally, users can access the internet via download programs stored in the printer, which allows printing of the specifics or other information from news or entertainment channels.

Canon Pixma TR4522 Setup Procedure | ij.start.canon

After purchasing the canon pixma it is recommended to the purchasers to complete the pixma’s TR4522 wireless configuration procedure. Once the user executes the setup procedure they are able to easily complete the printer-related tasks like scanning, printing, and faxing easily and quickly. Follow the setup process below.

Turn “ON” Printer

  • The users are suggested to switch “ON” the printer.
  • Note: Turn “ON” the canon printer by inserting one end of the power cable into the power socket, and the other end on the back of the printer.
  • After that, users are asked to turn “ON” the operational panel of the printer.
  • After that, press”ij.start.canon” then “Power” button.
  • Users are now advised to select the language for the printer.
  • Take note of your navigation buttons to select the desired language.

Install the printer cartridge of ij.start.canon

Users are advised to wait for the print carriage holder to stabilize. Once the carriage gets stable then follow the steps outlined below to install the Canon print cartridge.

  • Remove the tape from the Canon printer cartridge.
  • Make sure you don’t put your finger on the contacts of the printer cartridges.
  • After this, the users are advised to put the black printer cartridge in the left slot and place the color printer cartridge into the slot on the right.
  • Note: Users are advised to put the Canon printer cartridge at an upward angle into the slot.
  • Note: After putting in the printer cartridge from Canon Users are advised to secure it.

Then , close the cover of the canon printer.

Load the paper tray

  • The user is advised to take out the tray of paper and then put it down when you hear the click.
  • Then then, slide the purple guide, and then slide it towards the right.
  • Then, the users are advised to put your paper inside the tray.
  • Note: Make sure not to exceed the maximum paper size.
  • Carefully adjust the paper guide using the assistance of the paper edges to clear it.
  • Note: Make sure that there’s not any bent or bent paper, because it can cause the paper to jam.
  • After placing the paperin the tray, the user is advised to slide the paper tray into the printer without causing any damage.
  • Now the users are suggested to set the paper settings to their needs on the printer display.

Warranty and Pricing

The Canon Pixma Pro 100’s cost isn’t too expensive considering that it’s a top-quality product that has the most recent features. Additionally, dye-based inks are typically more susceptible to fade as pigment-based inks. It guarantees that its Ultra Canon inks are permanent for up to 100 years. $1.31 per milliliter is the cost average for the ink. Canon offers a one-year guarantee for printers; for other models, it’s the standard time frame for coverage. Additionally, the support services offered by Canon are better than other. Additionally, you can reach Tech support via Live chat, emails, web or telephone.

If you’re considering buying it be aware that it’s not expensive or tiny in dimensions. It’s a photo printer for home use that produces professional-quality results. With its limited or no printing options that are standalone, Canon Pixma Pro-100 is one of the top printers available.

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