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Challenging Factors Proposed By Online Grocery Store

Grocery consumers are more engaged than ever with center store, but the shift to online grocery store is creating new challenges. Center store departments and retail stores had endured stagnant returns for years roared back to life during the pandemic. Grocery categories like frozen meals, shelf-stable foods and baking ingredients saw double-digit sales growth last year and have continued to perform above historic averages this year.


That performance might give retails grocers a false sense of security about the long-term viability of the traditional center store, with its long aisles crammed with packaged goods. However, savvy retailers are seeing that they need to bring the center store into the modern era. They’re seeing grocery consumers demand newer, more innovative products.

They’re watching them increasingly shop groceries online .A channel where cheaper prices and faster delivery times for packaged products are just a few clicks away. The good news, according to the research and surveyors is that grocery shoppers are more engaged than ever with. Not only do they find it a relevant place to shop, but they see themselves shopping there even more in the future.

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Online Grocery Retails:

Most online grocery retailers have noticed that most online grocery consumers are shopping online a lot more, and their local supermarket isn’t the first place they think of when buying their favorite packaged grocery goods through e-commerce grocery channels. In Pakistan, there are a hundred online grocery websites that are running a hassle-free online grocery store business such as Asanbuy.pk. These grocery stores are rising at a stunted growth with more consumers attracted and retained through their exceptional grocery shopping services.

Meeting the challenge of today’s grocery shopping store, the research and surveys done suggest that they require an omnichannel strategy. Retailers need to make their online grocery aisles more compelling places to shop. They also need to improve their digital properties, making it convenient for grocery shoppers to add their favorite cereal or bottled drink to an order and prompting discovery where they can.

One of the top findings stemming from the survey is that grocery shoppers overwhelmingly feel the online grocery store plays a central role in how they shop for groceries. Asked if they feel the online grocery store is relevant to the way they shop today, most of the participants said it “absolutely” is.

Online Grocery Shopping:

Some of them indicated they feel retail store is “mostly” relevant to their current shopping priorities, while about a quarter said they had little or no interest in those online grocery products. In another promising sign for retailers, most grocery respondents expect to buy online grocery store products at least every other week going forward, both in-store and online.

Further underscoring the high importance grocery consumers place on the array of packaged goods that characterize the center store. Participants were most likely to indicate that they plan to shop for those grocery products multiple times a week. Regardless of the purchasing channel they opt for.


In a sign that many grocery shoppers head towards the online grocery store with a pre-set shopping list and have little interest in meandering the aisles in hopes of discovering things they don’t plan to buy, most of participants in the survey chose “I only go for what I need” when questioned about how they grocery shop the online grocery store.

On the other hand, some of respondents said they like to browse certain online grocery store departments. Hence, the ratio suggests the tough competition between online and instore grocery shopping experience.

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