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Choose the Right App Monetization Method for Free Android App

All of the ways in which a developer may make money from their mobile app development are included in the right app monetization process. If you’ve just released your app, you should realize that making money right away is almost difficult.

This is not a simple process. Reportedly, the Apple App Store has 2 million applications and Google Play has 2.5 million. Only a small percentage of these apps generate significant revenue.

For long-term profitability, high user involvement is necessary, thus your app should be appealing to a large number of people. That, however, is insufficient.

You must also select the correct monetization approach for your app in order to create a large quantity of income. We’ll go through some alternatives in this post, as well as their interoperability with various sorts of apps.

The best way to monetize it is to choose the appropriate app monetization method


Companies will pay you to place advertising in your app if you use advertisement-based monetization. If you choose to monetize your site with advertisements, you have a lot of options.


The most popular type of advertising-based revenue is interstitials. These advertisements flash on the display and blanket the entire app. After some time, the user is given the choice of returning to your app or visiting the advertising company’s website. The scheduling of these advertisements can be altered to improve their effectiveness.

Banner Ads

Banner advertising is often presented at the beginning of the end of an app in regions where the user is unlikely to be interested. Typically, this kind of advertising does not provide strong conversion rates, but it may be utilized effectively for promotional interests. Banner advertising must be of the highest quality, otherwise, it may be perceived as a hindrance to the user’s experience.

Rich Media

Multimedia banners, dynamic clips, QR codes, and other social media components comprise Rich Media ads. This technique may be tweaked by the developer and utilized in a variety of ways.

Pay To Get

This is the most straightforward way to monetize your app. This requires the download of the app and as soon as the user installs, he will have to pay for it. It’s a one-time payment app and users can access all the features after paying.

Consequently, the more your app is downloaded, the more you can generate revenue with your app. Previously, this approach was considered the most effective way of monetizing but due to numerous untrusted apps, people feel unsafe to download apps.

To enable this model to work, it is recommended that you effectively market and obtain positive feedback initially. In this case, your Android app development business can assist you.

In-App Purchase

The majority of online applications are free to use, although most do include in-app purchases. The in-app purchases model is popular because it allows the app to continue to be available to a large number of users, enabling it to retain a large number of people, and then in-app purchases may be used to enhance the user’s experience.

This model is great for gaming apps as people are more curious to try new gaming features. For gaming apps, this type is ideal. This technique, if performed properly, is the most user-friendly and can provide the consumer the impression that he has received a fair bargain. You may also improve sales by offering limited-time deals to your users.

Despite the fact that this method is quite successful, many people do not purchase. However, recent research found that as time passes, players are increasingly eager to acquire in-game things. In-app purchases across all applications increased 17.1% in 2019 relative to the prior year.

If you want to adopt this strategy, you must first make sure that your consumers have a positive experience so that they will feel forced to purchase products in order to have an even better experience.


This model implies that your program is free to download, but users must pay for more features. This indicates that people purchase the premium edition of your program in order to improve their experience. In contrast to the pay-per-download approach, this technique allows customers to check out your program before generating any payments.

This concept is most commonly seen in apps that provide the user with a tool, such as a picture or a video editor. In recent years, the freemium model has gained popularity.

However, this technique has the drawback of the Android app development firm providing either too few or too many features. This might either irritate the user or result in an imbalanced income stream.


Another excellent approach to monetize your software is through subscriptions. This paradigm is primarily utilized in apps that allow users to see the content. For a short time, customers can watch the material offered by the app. After the trial period has expired, the user will be required to pay a monthly or annual price to keep viewing. This format is suitable for apps that provide news or entertainment.

Bottom Line

Investing in your app would help you to generate more revenue by choosing the right approach to earn with your application. So, have you decided on an effective way to monetize your app? If still confused, find the best mobile app development company and consultants who will help you to understand what is best for you.

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