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Cleaning The Couch: This Is How Your Sofa Looks Like New Again

The wine glass falls over, the chocolate lands on the couch – the coziness is quickly over and the anger is great.

Most of the stains can be easily removed! We’ll show you how to clean your couch and treat stains easily.

The right means – with what to clean the couch?

Enclosed you will find various tools and cleaning and home remedies that you can use to clean your couch and effectively remove stains.

Tip: Home remedies are less brutal than industrial remedies and protect the environment. Only if these “fail” can it be worth using chemical clubs.

Devices & tools

  • Steam cleaner: Not recommended as high temperature and water volume can damage the material
  • Wet Vacuum: Sprays soapy water on the sofa but sucks it up again, cleans deeply, should be used on the whole sofa to avoid water stains
  • Vacuum cleaner: Equipped with a set of brushes or nozzles, it can be used to remove coarse dirt and dust from the sofa
  • Lint roller: Removes stubborn (pet) hair, not suitable for every couch
  • Nylon stocking: Gently removes hair from the sofa

Detergents & Household Remedies

  • Vinegar: Diluted with water dissolves many stains, also suitable for stubborn stains on suede sofas
  • Baking powder: Removes nasty stains and neutralizes odors, must usually take effect, like all agents, be sure to test beforehand
  • Salt: Can remove red wine stains and urine, usually needs to act
  • Dishwashing liquid: Also suitable for cleaning imitation leather sofas
  • Leather Soap: A leather friendly agent that can be used to remove stains from leather sofas
  • Detergent powder: For sofa covers that would be machine washed
  • Detergent for delicate (e.g. Rei in a tube): Suitable for cleaning imitation leather sofas

How often should I clean the couch?

Basically, the more often you clean your couch, the less time the cleaning process will take each time (useful wisdom that can also be applied to other activities).

It is a good idea to vacuum the couch every 1-2 weeks and check for stains. However, stains that have just formed should be treated immediately.

It is quite sufficient to wash the sofa covers only once a month.

With regular cleaning, you also prevent your sofa from turning an unsightly gray haze or taking on odors.

How to clean the couch That’s how it’s done?

Basically, sofas with fabric covers are easy to clean – for leather sofas you will find our tips:

Provide tools

First, get the tools ready. Practical for any cleaning campaign: collect the cleaning agents in a carrying bag. So you can not only keep them tidy in the closet but also transport them comfortably from place to place.

Check the care instructions for the sofa

Check the care instructions for your sofa. Here you can find out whether you can wash the covers in the washing machine or whether the material does not tolerate moisture.


Covers If possible, remove the covers from your sofa and pillows. Depending on the care instructions, wash them in the washing machine or by hand.

Let the covers dry Then let

the covers air dry – the fabric could shrink in the dryer.

Taking the sofa apart

Now take all the moving parts off the sofa – this way you can get to the places where dust and crumbs tend to collect. If you have a sofa bed, unfold it or set it up.

Tip: After each use, let the sofa bed air out for a few hours (remove bedding) before putting it back together. This way you can easily avoid mold stains or mold.

Treat stains

Now treat the stains that you discovered during your cleaning action. Check whether the sofa material tolerates the cleaning agent and test it on an inconspicuous area beforehand. In any case, gently dab the stains. Rubbing damages, the material.

Vacuum the couch

Grab your vacuum and attach a nozzle attachment or brush attachment. That way you don’t damage the material. Suck over the surfaces. Don’t forget the usual sofa crevices where crumbs collect. Also, vacuum any drawers or bed boxes.

Removing hair

Sometimes you can’t get a hold of all (animal) hair with the vacuum cleaner. Remove stubborn balls of (animal) hair (depending on the sofa material) with the lint roller or a nylon stocking.

Under the couch

Your couch stays beautiful longer if you also keep the area around it clean. Also, vacuum away crumbs and dust from under the couch. Wipe the area clean with soapy water.

Cleaning the sofa frame and legs Now

wipe the parts of the frame and the sofa legs with a slightly damp cloth. You can care for wooden legs with the appropriate oil or polish. Check whether this is suitable for your sofa or not. Pay close attention to the transition from wood to fabric – polish leaves unsightly stains!

Ironing the covers

The sofa covers should now be dry. If they wrinkle too much, you can iron the covers.

Cover sofa

Finally, cover the sofa cushions and pillows with clean covers.

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