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Corporate Live Video Streaming: Use Cases and Planning Process

Live Streaming has been witnessing unmatched prevalence in various industries. Although it was always a popular go-to option for businesses even before the pandemic outbreak, it has gained even more importance after the same. It is not only because of the consequences of the pandemic but also because businesses have acknowledged the countless benefits that live video streaming comes with. It not only minimizes countless expenses but also the hassle of travelling & arranging various resources required to host successful corporate events. Live video streaming platforms also enable you to reach a global audience and add the interactivity aspect to one-way communication. Let’s dive into the world of corporate live streaming, understand its meaning, various ways in which it can be used, and the process to set up successful corporate streaming.

What is Corporate Live Streaming?

A corporate live video streaming is a solution that helps the users to upload and broadcast an important discussion or event to their global target audience. Various businesses use expert live video streaming platforms to host their videos to attain maximum reach and lead generation for their organization. What makes live streaming different from all other forms of video marketing solutions is the fact that it lets your audience access the content in real-time over a stream and also gets the opportunity to indulge in interactive activities.

Interactivity and attendee engagement also largely depends on the platform you are using for live streaming your event. However, the most advanced and experienced corporate live video streaming platforms provide you with interactive solutions like chat, comment, poll, ask questions or even join the stream in a panel-discussion form.

Another exceptional benefit of organizing live video streaming for corporate events is that you can customize different aspects of the video. Also, the organizer can stream the video over multiple social media channels to reach a maximum number of viewers.

Top Benefits of Corporate Live Streaming in UAE:

  • Creates trust and transparency
  • Minimizes the costs
  • Makes your corporate event more accessible
  • Reach a global target audience in one go
  • Maximizes employee engagement
  • Promotes interactivity
  • Enables two-way communication

Use Cases of a Corporate Live Streaming

1) Training Purposes

Employee training is one of the primary internal uses of live video streaming for organizations from different industries. Using video streaming for compliance training, onboarding, and sales can be very productive. The video can also be recorded, updated, reused, and accessed by your global remote employees at any point in time. In addition, many studies also validate that using live video streaming for this use case greatly improves learning results. Also, with the help of interactivity, live training sessions become even more effective. These live training sessions can also be converted into video-on-demand or VOD content.

2) Product Launch

Live streaming a product launch event is a great way to build anticipation amongst the target audience. From tech experts to car manufacturers are moving ahead in the world of online events and live-streaming many of their significant corporate events. A product launch event is a vital aspect when it comes to the lifecycle of the product. And, live streaming it with the exceptional 360-degree immersive environment that also enhances attendee engagement. Reports tell, around 80% of consumers learned about a new product through videos and around 63% of customers view live streaming videos regularly.

3) Executive Communication

Usually, corporate executives seem to be unapproachable and distant to their employees. Also, for employees working across different countries, it is even more of a task to make them feel like they belong. In such a case, live video streaming can efficiently enable executive communication and interaction. This may not only but also ensure that there is no communication gap as your viewers get the chance to interact and ask questions.

4) Virtual Town Hall or All-Hands Meeting

A corporate town hall meeting is a vital meeting for any organization. The pandemic has brought unmatched difficult times which have brought a lot of space between the employees and executives. This is where the idea of live streaming a town hall meeting comes in. A corporate live stream of a team all-hands meeting can effectively reach your global employees and also keep them engaged through countless interactive and engagement features.

5) Webinar Live Streaming

Be it video presentations, lectures, business-themed events, workshops, webinar streaming has become a prevalent part form many organizations. It not only helps the organizations maximize their reach by building new leads but also nurtures the existing corporate relationships.

Although a webinar can take place in various forms, the idea to live streaming renders a more personal touch to it by providing interactive tools and other engagement features.

How to Plan an Effective Corporate Live Streaming?

Mentioned below are the five steps to ensuring the efficacy of your corporate live streaming.

#1 Plan the Strategy of Your Live Video Streaming

Planning and strategy remain to be the two most important steps in organizing any form of online or digital event. Predefining your goals and creating an efficient strategy will help you provide the much-needed flow to your live video streaming. It also eases down the execution process and ensures that you don’t miss out on any vital aspect of the event.

#2 Choose the Right Corporate Live Streaming Platform

Today, the market is packed with innumerable live streaming service providers, providing different sets of tools and features. However, your task is to choose the platform that suits your requirements the best. The most advanced live streaming platforms do not only provide the most effective interactive tools but also high scalability and customizability to design the event the way you like. Also, the most inventive service providers have come up with the feature of 360-degree live streaming.

#3 Pick the Right Hardware and Finest Logistics

For effective live streaming, it is vital to pick the right and the finest hardware and logistics. You need to ensure that your remote attendees or viewers don’t experience any glitches or low-quality images or sound during the stream. Therefore, it is significant to ensure the quality of resources you opt for your streaming event.

#4 Include Excellent Interactive Tools

Many reports have affirmed that interactive opportunities at any virtual or online event can elevate the success prospects of the same. Hence, make sure that the platform you choose provides efficient interactive opportunities throughout the event.

#5 Stick to the Live Streaming Best Practices

Following are some of the best live corporate video streaming practices that can help you ensure the success of your streaming event:

  • Test all the technical aspects before going live
  • Include branding throughout the event
  • Create captivating background designs
  • Have a clear goal and call-to-action
  • Keep the sessions short
  • Provide proper breaks in between the sessions
  • Include engaging opportunities at the event

Go on and host an excellent corporate live video streaming for your organization and efficiently maximize your reach to a global audience.

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Mayra Shaikh is a Senior digital marketer with over 5 years in the Tech Industry. She has a strong marketing and sales background and loves to work in multilingual environments.

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