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Desert Safari Dubai: An Offbeat Experience Like No Other

 Dubai’s desert is part of an unspoiled region where old-world charm is still intact and beautifully preserved. In fact, this special section of the country forms an indispensable part of the fascinating Emirates’ culture, heritage, and traditions. There is no better way to absorb its infinite beauty and stillness than with a desert safari. Read on to learn all about this off-road adventure that promises a refreshing escape from the urban congestion of modern Dubai. 

Red dune safari:

     Want to experience a different kind of desert safari in Dubai? Take a red dune safari, which brings you deep into the desert, to the burnt red dunes of the Lahbab region. It’s filled with very distinct natural beauty. The whole atmosphere feels like a vibrant painting coming to life. 

What is a typical desert safari like? 

     A desert safari in dubai is a marvellous mix of heart-stopping adventurous activities, authentic cultural experiences, and lip-smacking culinary cuisines. Subject to your desert safari choice, you can expect to have the following included in your most-awaited desert trip.

Dune bashing:

     This is the most exciting part of a desert safari. You’ll drive over and through the unthreaded trails of the dunes aboard a powerful 4×4 vehicle like a Hummer or Land Cruiser. You’ll feel a rush of adrenaline as this drive blasts you across the golden sands at exhilarating speeds. A dune-bashing session typically lasts for 45 minutes. Note: Dune basking can also be stomach-turning and anxiety-inducing, so prepare yourself for a wild ride!

Camel rides:

     For an alternative way of marvelling at the desert wilderness, climb on the back of a camel and journey over the dunes. This wobbly yet exciting ride lets you experience how the early settlers and ancient Bedouins used to traverse the Arabian Desert.

Quad biking and sandboarding:

     If you’re looking for more rip-roaring ways to discover Dubai’s desert sands, you can choose to hit the isolated dunes in an easy-to-manoeuvre quad bike, which is even perfect for beginners and first-timers.  Just make sure that you’re over 16 years old and don’t suffer from any ailment that bars you from trying this rugged activity.

     Alternatively, you can sandboard. Test your balance as you try to stay standing while you glide down the massive sand dunes. All you have to do for this is to strap your feet into a sturdy sandboard and let the sands guide you down!

Visit a Bedouin camp:

     Relax and take in the classic Emirati hospitality and traditional welcome in a laid-back setting, furnished with low-lying seating. It’s so comfortable that you might find yourself slouching for a long while as you digest your hearty barbecue meal.

Cultural experiences:

     On every desert safari, a wealth of cultural experiences await you at the camp! From henna tattooing and shisha smoking to falconry and photographs in traditional Arabian attire, the list is quite vast and interesting, offering a glimpse into the long Bedouin past. 

Traditional barbecue dinner:

    On the evening and overnight desert safaris, prepare for a feast. But what’s included in your dinner menu depends on the quality of your service provider. But whatever you’re offered, it’s sure to fill you up!

Local entertainment:

     Extreme fire shows, sensational belly dance performances, and dizzyingly intricate tanoura shows add to the vibrancy of an evening desert safari. Be sure to sit back and drink it all in. They’re very entertaining!

Camping in the desert:

     This is the high point of any overnight desert safari! All of the camping gear is included (tents, sleeping bags, and pillows), as well as unlimited refreshments. Your job is to enjoy sleeping in nature and camping underneath the sky full of stars.

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