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Details: Bathroom with decorative accent tiles

Each person strives to create a beautiful and unique interior in his home. At the same time, special attention is paid to the decoration of rooms. The article will discuss how accent tiles for shower walls differ, and what advantages and disadvantages it has because there are so many bathroom accent tile ideas.


Today, a large number of varieties of stone tiles are produced.

  • Floor. This type is used for flooring. It is made either from porcelain stoneware or PVC. Such material is not erased over time, it has a high degree of resistance to temperature extremes. It also has excellent wear resistance.
  • Wall. This tile is used for finishing wall coverings. It has a small mass, so it is easy to mount.
  • Ceiling. This variety has a minimum weight compared to other types. Its thickness, as a rule, is no more than one centimeter.

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But they also distinguish such tiles depending on the material used for its manufacture:

  • plaster;
  • ceramic.


This modification imitates brickwork or natural stone. This material is considered quite durable, it allows you not to make periodic cosmetic repairs in the bathroom.

Gypsum tiles are divided into painted and unpainted, embossed and smooth. But at the same time, this option is rarely used when finishing bathrooms, because this material is able to absorb a large amount of water. Often, before installation, it is additionally coated with a water-repellent composition.


Ceramic tile under a stone differs in the high level of durability and wear resistance. It can withstand significant loads. Most often, materials that imitate onyx or granite are mounted in bathrooms. They do not absorb odor and pollution.

Advantages and disadvantages.

Decorative bathroom stone tiles have a number of important advantages.

  • Burnout resistance. The appearance of the tile and the drawings on it remain unchanged for a long time and do not fade.
  • Strength and durability. Ceramic tile under the stone can last for a long time, even if it is subjected to heavy loads or mechanical stress.
  • Practicality. This decorative tile is easy to clean, it is not afraid of chemical detergents.
  • Versatility of application. Such a tile can fit into almost any style of decoration.
  • Beautiful appearance. Decorative tiles under the stone can decorate any bathroom. In addition, today in stores you can find such material with a variety of patterns and a variety of sizes.

But such a tile also has some disadvantages.

  • Poor abrasion resistance. Because of this, the installation of such decorative tiles should be done as carefully as possible.
  • Plaster models are subject to deformation. This process occurs due to the fact that such material has water-absorbing properties.

How to choose?

When choosing decorative tiles for stone, be sure to pay attention to the surface of the material. Quality models should be textured, they cannot differ much from the surface of natural stone.

And also pay attention that the surface is not porous, as this indicates the low quality of such a tile. Such material will not be able to last for a long time, it will quickly collapse. The thickness of the product also needs to be taken into account. It can vary from 1 to 5 centimeters. It is better to choose models that have the same thickness along the entire length and width.

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