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Development Of Food Processing Equipment

The food industry is one of those industries that has seen exponential growth in the past three decades. New technologies are discovered every day that make work easier for us. We are starting to rely on machines and automation more and more every day. This machine is a revolutionization on a whole new level.

Lumix Procut is proudly running various operations with the leading food manufacturers and distributors to help make it possible for the people of Sydney to experience the goodness of various foods and spices. The meat industry is gaining recognition with every passing day. And that is why it is essential to maintain the quality of meat products. Most of the meat products in the market are acquired from pigs, cattle, sheep, and chickens. Earlier their meat was sold as complete carcasses.

But nowadays people prefer it in smaller sections and fully packed as it is easier to store and refrigerate. While some people like to cook it and add their flavors, many others prefer their meat already flavored and in a ready-to-cook condition. This processing, curing, flavoring, and seasoning requires advanced machinery under the “Food processing equipment” category. These equipment encompass many machines for cooking, storing, or packaging food. The main goal of these machines is to increase the shelf life of different edibles, especially in the meat and poultry industry. But some equipment mainly focuses on the auxiliary function of preparing flavored foods like bacon, sausage, and other cured meat. 

 Sharpening Blades And Knives 

We believe that quality forms the core of a good brand, so we focus on the quality of our work. Your machinery blades and knives require proper sharpening after a while, or they will lose their ability to chop and butcher. We offer a wide range of sharpening services for various blades, including cut-off knives, boning knives, butchering knives, filleting knives, etc.

 Our primary goal is to provide the most reliable and affordable services. Along with that, we are constantly working hard to develop new technologies and equipment that will further make it easier for all of our clients to work tirelessly. Developing a new product and making it successful is a gradual process and requires constant dedication and effort. Testing the machinery on our target audience and recording their feedback drives us to improve ourselves. 

Different Machines And Equipment

The variety of machinery that we offer at Lumix Procut is mind-boggling. At every step, you encounter the dire need to perform a specific action with complete accuracy and zero error tolerance. And we try to understand that. That is why we develop machines to make your work easier for you. For example, the MDL01 machine is used to cut bacon strips from the cured carcass of a pig. This process takes place at a shallow temperature, minus twelve degrees, to acquire the best results. 

You must have had ready-to-eat food in those knotted bowls a million times. Have you ever thought about how those bowls are knotted? A machine named ATE03 knots these bowls individually using cotton or polyester after stuffing the bowl with the desired product. A capstan-type knot is usually preferred as it is durable and can withstand the harshness faced during transit. Another unique food processing equipment that has made the work of thousands of manufacturers easy is the MF03. 

The main idea is to revolutionalize the concept of handbags and tote bags. Whenever you go and buy apples, you might see a plastic bag made of a net wrapped around it. This bag makes it ten times more accessible for you to lift apples and other vegetables. EMSENS has designed this machine to put net bags made of plastic around food products. This net is cut before starting the cycle, according to the manufacturer’s required length. 

Our primary aim is focused on making life easier for customers and providing them with services that are not just reliable but also affordable. You can reach out to our services or sales departments via mail or call, and we will be right there to help you. 

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