Different Kinds Of Tyres For Your Vehicle

A vehicle is a necessary gadget for mobility. We need to transport ourselves from one place to another multiple time, sometimes even in the span of a day. On average, people need to use transportation for multiple purposes. To understand the importance of a vehicle in our lives, one simply needs to take a look at the roads of the tyre. The number of cars on the road gives the exact importance we place on vehicles as a mode of transportation. It is important to respect the vehicle and treat it correctly. It is only through proper use and maintenance can one ensure that their vehicle does not expire early.

The vehicle is a complex piece of machinery. As such, one must be careful in its usage. If one is not scrutinising their vehicle for regular and timely maintenance and services, the chances of damages and repairs start adding up. One must take responsibility for all components of their vehicle as it can affect the overall performance of the vehicle as well. Tyres Cwmbran is an important addition to the vehicle.

If the tyres of your vehicle have been damaged, it will reflect on the performance of the vehicle. The vehicle will not be able to stop immediately. The rides will become more uncomfortable, and the quality of travel will also deteriorate. Therefore, it is necessary to take care of all portions of the car and not just a vehicle as a unit.

After five to six years, tyres need replacement. One chooses to Buy Tyres Newport for multiple reasons. If the tread of the tyre is below 2mm, the performance in terms of traction and grip will be abysmal. Furthermore, the tyres that have extensive damages such as punctures, cuts and cracks may also need replacement.

For these multiple reasons, people choose to change their tyres. Given the multiple numbers of options available in the market, one can choose the right tyres for their vehicle easily. Here are a few kinds of tyres that are available in the market for grabs:


 All drivers know the woes of standing in the middle of the road with a puncture. There are several different kinds of road conditions, many of which are not suitable for the tyres of your vehicle. For example, sharp objects such as pins and nails can end up penetrating the surface of your tyres. In this case, if the puncture is too deep, one will have to stop their car in the middle of the road.

Serious tyre punctures can result in a flat and even a blowout. Therefore, people choose to use run-flat tyres over standard tyres. Run-flat tyres allow you to continue driving even with a flat. The suspension and handling of the vehicle do not take a hit, and the driver has the choice of stopping at their own discretion.

This allows the driver enough time to reach a safe place or a garage centre.


Summer tyres are designed for being driven when the temperature rises above seven degrees celsius. When the temperature increases, the road conditions change as well. Using summer tyres guarantees enough traction and grip. There are multiple grooves present on the tread of the tyre. These grooves leave little room for aquaplaning.

The tyres also improve the suspension and handling of the vehicle as a whole. For overall efficient performance, people choose summer tyres. These tyres have a hard rubber composition owing to the little amount of natural rubber. This allows the tyres to make adequate traction in both dry and wet road conditions.


Winter tyres are important for weather conditions below seven degrees celsius. When the temperature gets really low, the road conditions become a little dangerous. This is because of the ice and snow. The composition of winter tyres is such that it allows maximum traction and grip below zero degrees temperature.

Winter tyres have natural rubber in their composition. This allows them to stay soft even in low temperatures. Furthermore, winter tyres have multiple sipes on their tread. This means that the tread can cut through heavy snow and ice in order to maintain contact.

Finally, winter tyres also have grooves that leave little room for aquaplaning. The grooves of winter tyres successfully displace incoming water and prevent any chances of aquaplaning. Furthermore, the grooves present on the tread of winter tyres can also make contact with the snow. The snow further grips additional snow making traction and grip a lot easier for the tyres.

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