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Double Decker Bed: Top Picks For Your Family In 2022

Although double decker bed are often associated with dorm rooms and children’s rooms, a nice double decker bed may be utilised in any bedroom to provide more storage without detracting from the overall design. We’ve written on bedroom furniture previously, including metal bed frames, kids’ bedroom décor, and bedside lamps, but here we’ve compiled a list of the greatest bunk beds according to Amazon’s most ardent reviewers.

The best-rated (and cheapest) double decker bed

Twin-Over-Twin Double Decker Bed by DHP

  • 13,078 reviews, 4.4 stars
  • $218

This double decker bed has received 5 stars from over 8,500 customers for its low price and simplicity of construction. Many reviewers claim to have put it together by themselves, including one mother who claims, “No components were missing, and the directions were simple to comprehend.” “I love that there is a guard rail running entirely around the top bed, so I don’t have to worry about my little son falling,” she says.


It took her a few hours, but it was well worth it. Several additional reviews, including one parent who used to own a different double decker bed for her boys but claims this one is better made, characterise this bed as “safe” due to the guard rail and the bed’s “sturdy” design: “It’s tiny and space-saving, and it provides excellent value for the money.” When the top-bunk inhabitant tosses and flips, it’s sturdy and not squeaky,” she says, referring to her “crazy” kid.


Parents and children aren’t the only ones who recommend this bed. Many teens, as well as a number of adults, claim to be able to sleep easily in it. “Bought for my dorm room and pleasantly delighted,” says one college student, who weighs 235 pounds and was first concerned that it might be “a bit unsteady,” but was relieved to discover that it was “very robust, even with my weight on it.” This is the “greatest bang for your buck” as a student on a budget.



The best double decker bed made of solid wood

Long Horn Solid Hardwood Twin Double Decker Bed by Storkcraft

  • 3,047 reviews, 4.6 stars
  • Starting at $319

Nearly 300 reviewers call this solid-wood twin-over-twin bunk bed “sturdy,” including one who has owned it for two years and says it’s the same price as Ikea furniture and just as quick to put together, but “far higher quality.” Before buying this bed, I did some research on rubberwood. It is both lighter and more durable than pine. They conclude, “The bed looks lovely and is really strong.” Another buyer says that the bed was “not too difficult to put together” and that the wood is “solid, and there is no play at all while completing the’ shake test.'”


According to a third reviewer, this model is simple to put up since the components are “clearly labelled” and well manufactured, and “the bed actually was a joy to put together, even for one person… The workmanship is of exceptional quality. The components seem to be sturdy.”

For teens, the best double decker bed is

Industrial Wood and Metal Pipe Bunk Bed by Walker Edison


  • $250
  • 9.989 reviews, 4.4 stars

Because it’s incredibly solid and lasting, many customers suggest this metal bunk-bed set for teens (and tweens): “A 12-year-old and a 13-year-old use ours.” There’s a lot of tired (and sometimes irritated) ‘flopping’ down on the bed, and they’ve held up so far.” “I purchased this two years ago for my teenage kids, who were 13 and 14 at the time,” one parent writes. It’s still as robust as the first day after two years.” “I wanted something my kids could grow into,” another satisfied customer explains why they chose this double decker bed. I was hunting for a “trendy bed” that would “last more than a year,” and I finally got one! My youngest (12) enjoys the top bunk, while my oldest (14) has yet to complain about the bottom bed (and he complains about everything).”

The most effective twin-over-full double decker bed

Airlie Solid Wood Twin-Over-Full Double Decker Bed by Dorel Living

  • $390
  • 2,480 reviews, 4.4 stars


Although many double decker beds have twin-over-twin beds (or at least beds of the same size), reviewers like that this solid-wood selection from Dorel Living has a twin-over-full bed, making it a good choice for children of various ages and sizes to share. “Amazing for my 3- and 5-year-old small girls,” one parent comments, adding that despite the fact that her kids “are not gentle on the beds” and “constantly play on them and jump,” both beds have lasted a year.


“It’s really, very strong. Another customer, who bought this bunk bed for his nephews and believes that it is solidly made, comments, “Perfect for several youngsters.” “If you have the room for two beds, you may also divide them up,” he says. Many other customers like how these beds change from a double decker bed to two single beds, allowing them to “grow with the kids,” as one parent put it. “The bed is robust and seems high-quality, and it was a terrific deal.” “The top bunk is also a favourite of my kitties!”


The most effective full-over-full double decker bed

Miles Metal Double Decker Bed by DHP


  • $415
  • 3,161 reviews, 4.5 stars

Reviewers agree that this full-over-full double decker bed is a better size for teenagers and adults than conventional twin-over-twin double decker beds. Although customers think the bottom bed is preferable for shorter people, one reviewer claims that anybody under 5-foot-6 should be able to sit up in it comfortably, as his teenage daughter did when she “turned it into a cave with an LED-light rope strung up for light and atmosphere.”


Another adult, who purchased this bed for his lake home, says he and his wife slept on the top bunk “and it was really sturdy.” These were perfect for our total weight of 340 to 350 pounds. We could sit up on the top bed even with the low ceiling height.”


Hundreds of customers still claim it’s a kid-approved double decker bed, particularly because this bed is “useful for years to come” as children grow.


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