Dressing With Style As Per Your Gothic Type

With so many different goth types, it might get very difficult for you to figure out how you will fashionably express yourself. So, before you dress up, you need to know the types first. There are many types, here are just a few that you could read about.

Cyber Goth

Call them eccentric or ‘colourful’ goths, their alternative clothing style would even make you think why you are calling them goths in the first place. Cyber goths love dark colours, but they also love bright neon hues. They are in love with technology and have a taste in techno and dance music.

Cybergoths love dark music, steampunk fashion and mix things in a way that are not typically gothic. Not only do these make them distinct but also, easy to spot.

There is no real grammar to dress up as a cybergoth but the makeup matters a lot. A typical cyber goth would wear a foundation shade that is several shades lighter than the actual colour of the skin, but again not very pale. Choose a shocking shade for your lips, some fancy neon shades and false eyelashes for the eyes. Some also prefer bright hair streaks or synthetic hair extensions. When to comes to fashion, they are just like any other typical goth. Black staples, women’s gothic dresses are often paired with neon jackets or scarves and accessories. A nice pair of tall platform boots are a good choice to complete your look.

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The origin of Steampunk can be traced back to the Victorian era with a scientific fiction (sci-fi) twist. All you need to do is imagine a world where everything would be run by steam, brass, gears, brass and cogs, with homes filled with steam-powered robots and clockwork computers.

Steampunk is a style that is inspired by technology and its exploration. Thus, the outfits would something be like the explorers, engineers and scientists, but just with a Victorian twist.

And this would mean that you can wear professional outfits with hints of Steampunk like corsets, parasols, bloomer style trousers, and frilly skirts; and that too in earthy-toned colours like gold, brown, copper and brass. Pair it with suspenders, goggles, strappy belts, and are usually worn by explorers and adventurers. Adding some futuristic accessories like cybernetic arms, test tubes, war medals, big wenches, gem-encrusted brass earrings, and antique keys will complete the look. More the accessories, merrier it is.

Victorian Goth

Victorian goth, as the name suggests, can trace back its origins to the Victorian era. Like most others, Victorian goths love black-hued alternative clothing, makeup, gothic accessories and occult symbols. But Victorian goths prefer theatres and operas rather than rock music concerts. They do love darkness but with a hint of vintage aura and classic styles.

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As per fashion and styling is concerned, the dark origins set the Victorian goths apart. Back in the Victorian era, women used to wear extremely tight corsets (though to be extremely fashionable) beneath their gowns, to the point that they would often faint. Or, just wore tons of heavy layers with underwires which made it extremely difficult to go around.

But it’s the 21st century, and you can get away with just wearing the basics. Victorian fashion flaunts ruffled gothic blouses, bustle skirts, lace gloves, parasols, hats, and other types of women’s gothic clothing. For men, the typical outfits would include waistcoats, frock coats, and frilled shirts. Just imagine an all-black ballroom outfit, Victorian gothic men’s outfits are something very similar. Classy and sexy. Period.

Because Victorian goths refer to the high society, gem-encrusted jewellery, chokers, skeleton-shaped lockets could be your options to accessorise and complete your look.

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Hello, I am Tyler Baker, a Digital Content Writer, writing on behalf of Jordash Clothing. Jordash Clothing is a global wholesaler of a fashion brand that is passionate about gothic, vintage, ethnic, retro, and alternative clothing.

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