Drug Crime Lawyer in Atlanta

The State of Georgia and Federal prosecutors take drug offenses seriously. A conviction for a drug crime can result in significant prison terms. For immigrants, a drug crime conviction can also lead to deportation.

An experienced Atlanta drug crime attorney can protect your rights and build a strong defense against the charges. In some cases, a strong defense can result in the State dropping the charges or reducing penalties.

Schedule I drugs

Georgia has adopted the Drug Enforcement Agency’s schedule system, with Schedule 1 drugs having the highest potential for abuse like heroin. Schedule 2 drugs have an accepted medical use, and Schedule 3 has the least amount of abuse, including Vicodin and morphine.

A lawyer experienced in drug crimes can help you determine what category your controlled dangerous substance falls under and begin crafting a strong legal defense. They can also review whether police officers lawfully obtained the evidence in your case.

Despite the war on drugs, drug possession charges are serious, and you can face severe penalties if convicted. A good drug crime lawyer in Atlanta can make all the difference.

Schedule II drugs

Drug crime laws in Georgia impose harsh penalties for possessing, buying, selling or trafficking illegal drugs. Whether you have a felony or misdemeanor charge pending, your choice of criminal defense attorney is critical to the outcome of your case.

One common defense that your lawyer could use in your case is to argue that police officers had an unlawful basis for stopping you or searching you. If this is successful, the evidence gathered by police could be excluded or suppressed. A criminal conviction for possession of Schedule II drugs can result in prison time from two to 30 years. This includes oxycodone, morphine and certain codeine-based medications.

Schedule III drugs

The penalties imposed on conviction of drug trafficking or manufacturing charges vary depending on the type and amount of drugs involved. A criminal defense lawyer with experience fighting these types of cases can help you defend yourself against them.

A drug crime attorney can also question how police gathered evidence. For example, he can look into whether or not they had a Constitutional basis to stop you and search your vehicle.

He can also challenge the validity of any circumstantial evidence, such as the presence of scales and bags, used to demonstrate intent to distribute. In addition, he can suggest seeking a resolution through Georgia’s accountability courts, which offer programs such as counseling for first-time offenders.

Schedule IV drugs

The State of Georgia and the federal government don’t take drug offenses lightly. They will dedicate significant time and resources to prosecuting individuals charged with possession, possession with intent to distribute, or trafficking in controlled dangerous substances.

A knowledgeable attorney can determine what category a particular controlled substance falls under and then begin crafting a case that helps minimize any penalties an individual might face. A lawyer can also examine whether police lawfully found the drugs and listen to wiretaps if they are available.

Atlanta is waging a campaign to curb serious felony drug offenses and drug trafficking. Those who are convicted of these crimes will face severe prison terms.

Schedule V drugs

The state of Georgia takes drug possession and trafficking very seriously. Anyone arrested for a drug offense faces serious jail time, so it is important to find a criminal lawyer who has experience in handling these cases.

A drug crime attorney can review the evidence and challenge the methods used by law enforcement officers during the investigation. They can also raise defenses such as a violation of your rights during a search and seizure. They may also be able to get your case resolved through an accountability court that offers drug treatment programs in lieu of harsher penalties. These are available in many counties.

Alternative sentencing

In addition to possible incarceration, other potential penalties include fines, community service, probation, and drug treatment or rehabilitation. The consequences of a drug conviction can impact your entire life, including immigration status and job opportunities.

Our Atlanta defense lawyer can review the case details and evidence in your case to help you determine your best options. We have successfully negotiated alternatives to jail-time in thousands of cases, saving clients from losing their livelihoods. Call our law firm today to schedule your free case evaluation with an experienced attorney. Our attorneys are former prosecutors and have the skills to get your charges reduced or dismissed.

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