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Effective Ways To Fight Off The Mid-Degree Crisis

The Mid-Degree Crisis

You’ve heard of the “mid-life crisis”, but unfortunately, you don’t have to wait till you hit 40 to experience the “mid-degree crisis.” According to studies, 24% of students in the United States suffer from extreme stress about life after graduation.

Seeing your friends plan out their entire future while you struggle with every decision can be extremely scary. Amidst the feelings of uncertainty, anxiety, and depression, you begin to wonder – “Am I studying the right major?”

What Leads To Mid-Degree Crisis?

Going with the flow has always been students’ motto until the second year of university hits, and you realise there’s no “flow” that you can follow anymore. Instead, you have to consider your future and decide which direction you’d like your life to go.

Generally, the leading cause of the mid-degree crisis is self-doubt. The sophomore year is a cruel reality check that you only have one year to decide the direction of your life. Hence, the most common thoughts that would keep you up all night are:

  • Did I choose the right major?
  • What if I don’t land a good job?
  • What if I fail?

These thoughts spiral when you can’t keep up with the challenging coursework. But don’t worry. It’s completely normal to find yourself lost and searching for a direction at this phase in your life. Luckily, you can cure mid-degree blues by following some simple tips.

5 Helpful Tips To Beat The Mid-Degree Crisis

It’s impossible to avoid altogether the feelings of helplessness and anxiety that are sure to occupy your thoughts from the second year. However, the key to mitigating these feelings is to put yourself in the right mindset.

  1. Think of your final assignments

It would be impossible to get back on track if you let yourself wallow in self-pity and doubts. So, instead, focus on the present and start with your final assignments early on. Feeling directionless about your future won’t be a good enough excuse for your professors to allow you an extension on those final papers.

So, get started on your research early. You’ll thank yourself by the end of the semester when you don’t have to hire professional IT assignment help services to complete your papers.

  1. Consult a professional career advisor

The future holds multiple possibilities that you can explore. However, in college, you don’t have enough experience to make an informed decision. In most cases, hasty choices can lead you to waste half your life in a tedious dead-end job.

In moments when you feel the mid-degree crisis start to hit, consult your college’s career advisor. They’ll likely be able to guide you in the right direction after assessing your capabilities.

  1. Improve your networking skills

Sometimes, all it takes to have a successful career in the future is knowing the right people. Opportunities crop up here and there and having the right connections can help you get ahead of others. So, don’t just sit in your dorm all day with your head buried in books. Instead, attend social events and improve your relations with professors and seniors.

  1. Take some time out to relax

Maintaining a good work-life balance is a crucial factor to avoid a mid-degree crisis. But, unfortunately, the increased academic competition is the sole reason students believe they have to spend every waking hour studying or working on their papers.

However, this is extremely unhealthy, and most students following this kind of lifestyle experience burnout by the end of their freshman year. Hence, whenever you feel overwhelmed with worry and stress about your future, take a break. Go out and have a nice dinner with your friends, sing your heart out in the karaoke or drive off for a short weekend trip.

  1. Enrol yourself in a short course

Sometimes, a fun and short course can help you de-stress from studying all day. For example, most students who apply for a language course or sign up for art and music classes find it easier to manage their majors. On top of learning some valuable skills, such courses are a breath of fresh air and provide a getaway from your academic stress.

Summing it up,

With the uncertainty of the future hanging over the current generation, it is more common to see students become pessimistic about their future. As soon as the initial glow and excitement of college fades and you enter your second year, reality slams into you without warning.

Talks of future career goals, end-of-the-year dissertation submissions, internships and plans for Master’s degrees become part of your daily conversation. However, as long as you follow the simple tips in this blog, you can successfully cope with the mid-degree blues without letting it overwhelm you.

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