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Eight Camella Condos in the Philippines for Sale 

Camella Manors is the newest vertical project or condo for sale in the Philippines by Camella Homes, the country’s all-time favorite and most favored housing company.

Camella Manors are high-end, exclusive midrise condo villages located outside of Metro Manila in the Philippines’ most established and developing cities.

These condos for sale developments are best defined by Camella’s thematic subdivision and elevated kind of condo living in sub-urban and resort-themed condo communities in Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao.

Camella Manors is happy to unveil its first eight condominium projects, each of which offers a distinctive and refreshing take on condo living in the Philippines. You can find information about Camella’s newest condo for sale investments across the country on this list.

Camella Condo Projects in Luzon

Camella Manors understands that today’s investors are well-equipped and knowledgeable in terms of discovering the best investment options outside of Metro Manila. The brand spreads into Lipa City, San Jose Del Monte City, and Caloocan City as a result of this.

The following are some of the areas where property finders are looking for major real estate investments right now. Batangas, Bulacan, and Caloocan, in particular, have always been identified as the next commercial areas or cities outside of Metro Manila.

Camella Manors is a condominium for sale in Caloocan

Caloocan Metropolis is the country’s third-largest metropolis, making it an ideal location for property investors looking for new business opportunities. The first mixed-use development in Caloocan City’s growing northern reaches; Camella Manors Caloocan is the best pre-selling condo for sale in Caloocan that has ever offered limitless real estate investment opportunities.

Camella Manors Caloocan is a 2.5-hectare property with five residential structures rising to 15 stories each on Camarin Road in North Caloocan. The studio and one-bedroom apartment units in this pre-construction condo project are currently available for purchase.

More importantly, the project will include a commercial center located right adjacent to the project area and within walking distance, further strengthening the advantages of investing in Camella Manors.

Check out this condo for sale in Caloocan right now!

Camella Manors is a condo for sale in SJDM City

Camella Manors SJDM City, located in Brgy. Santo Cristo, San Jose Del Monte City, Bulacan, is Camella’s newest condo property. This San Jose Del Monte City condo for sale is a one-bedroom pre-sale apartment that is suitable for young investors searching for a profitable real estate investment in the expanding Bulacan region.

There are nine 4-story condo structures inside the project’s 2-hectare construction area. This pre-selling condo in SJDM City will include pocket gardens, a clubhouse, a swimming pool, a play area, a workout room, and parking spots.

It will provide a peaceful and high-quality home for its future residents, as well as pave the way for modern community living in the city’s heart.

Check out this San Jose Del Monte City condo for sale!

Camella Manors is a condominium for sale in Lipa City, Batangas

Camella Manors Lipa is a new project in Lipa’s Vista Community. It’s a condominium apartment in Brgy. Tibig, Lipa City, Batangas that’s for sale. This midrise pre-sale condo will join the community alongside the horizontal housing favorite, Camella Homes Lipa.

The 2.8-hectare development will feature ten residential structures with a maximum height of seven stories. The 30-square-meter 1-bedroom flats in the Aspen building are currently available for pre-sale.

The project is bordered by several nationally renowned universities and colleges, making it the city’s first university-themed condo. Camella Manors Lipa will largely appeal to discerning investors in the area looking for leasing business prospects.

Check out this condo for sale in Lipa right now!

Camella Visayas and Palawan Projects

Visayas and Palawan are two of the Philippines’ most populous islands. Camella condo developments

Camella Manors is currently selling pre-sale and RFO (ready for occupancy) condos for sale in the dynamic cities of Bacolod and Puerto Princesa, two of the most sought-after vacation spots in the country’s center.

Have you ever thought about living on a beautiful island or in a beach city, or wondered how people keep their smiles despite construction and pleasant neighborhoods? We’ll keep you informed about the condos for sale in Bacolod and Palawan.

Condo in Puerto Princesa, Palawan for sale | Verdant Camella Manors

Palawan called the Philippines’ most beautiful tourist island and home to a rich marine ecosystem will never disappoint you as a place to rest or conduct business.

Camella Manors Verdant is a ready-to-move-in (RFO) condominium for sale in Puerto Princesa City, specifically in Brgy. Bancao-Bancao along Gabinete Road. This RFO condo project is 5,075 square meters in size; and consists of two 7-story residential complexes that will be available to unit owners in 2021.

Camella Manors Verdant is the place to be if you’re looking for an RFO condo for sale in Palawan; that’s close to the cerulean and pristine beaches of Puerto Princesa City.

Right now, check out this RFO condo for sale in Palawan!

Camella Manors Bacolod is a condominium for sale in Bacolod City.

Have you ever wondered why Bacolod is known as the “City of Smiles” in the Philippines? Aside from the peaceful and pleasant living conditions, economic and business development is thriving in the city. Camella Manors Bacolod would thus provide more practical dwelling solutions for inhabitants to live comfortably in the city’s flourishing area before the completion of this master-planned metropolis.

Camella Manors in Bacolod offers both pre-sale and RFO (ready to occupy) condo apartments. The project is technically located on GM Cordova Ave., Buri Road, Mandalagan, and spans 1.1 hectares in the city’s newest business district.

This Bacolod condo for sale is made up of three 7-story buildings, two of which are currently RFO structures. If you’re looking for a ready-to-move-in home or a ready-to-run business, Camella Manors Bacolod has a lot to offer. Meanwhile, you might be interested in Camella Manors’ most cheap pre-sale condo, which is available at this site.

Check out this condo for sale in Bacolod right now!

Camella Condo Projects in Mindanao

The islands of Mindanao have traditionally been the inferior option when it comes to new business initiatives, property investments, and other transitional adventures. The perception is changing as the land becomes the most practical option for building a life in the Philippines.

The future looks bright, with a huge number of areas in line for big renovations, as well as several job and commercial opportunities. It could be a good moment to consider investing in Mindanao.

As a result, Camella Manors has three large condo buildings in Metro Davao and Butuan ready to welcome you.

Butuan condo for sale | Camella Manors Soleia

Have you heard about the condominium construction in Northern Mindanao? Almost certainly not. Camella Manors Soleil will be the first condominium project to complete in Northern Mindanao, namely in Butuan City.

Camella Manors Soleia is a midrise pre-sale condo for sale on Montalban St. in Villa Kananga, Butuan City. The second pre-sale phase of this condo for sale is now open, with studio and one-bedroom condo units available.

This property is also Camella Manors’ fastest-selling condo, therefore the location of this first condo in the CARAGA Region will thrive in no time. Camella Manors Soleil is a one-hectare residential complex with four seven-story buildings.

Don’t miss out on becoming a pioneering condo investor by purchasing a condo in Northern Mindanao.

Check out this pre-sale condo in Butuan right now!

Davao condo for sale | Camella Manors Frontera

Davao City is often acclaimed and awarded as one of Southeast Asia’s safest cities. It’s no surprise, then, that Mindanao’s most developed metropolis continues to see more investments, infrastructure, and other vital upgrades. Camella Manors Frontera, a pre-sale condo in the city’s northern reaches, can help you get closer to your perfect investment if you’re looking for a place to call home in this city.

Pre-sale studio and one-bedroom condo units are available at Camella Manors Frontera. The project is located along Manuel Garcia Rd. in Buhangin, Davao City. Having access to extensive amenities areas and being surrounded by open spaces are just a few of the primary advantages of buying in this 1.8-hectare condo development.

This Davao pre-sale condo has six 7-story residential condo structures. As a result, if you’re seeking property near Davao’s new developments, you should check out this Davao pre-sale condo right now!

Davao RFO Condo for Sale | Northpoint Davao

Northpoint Davao is a well-known landmark that marks the city’s prime or business district. Welcome to the Jose P. Laurel Avenue, Bajada core business center, with this RFO (ready for occupation) condo for sale in Metro Davao.

The fifth and last building at Northpoint, a lush pine neighborhood, is currently on display. There are only a few houses available, ranging from a studio to a three-bedroom flat. The property, however, now offers RTO (rent to own) condo apartments, making the investment even more tempting in the market.

Owning a condo home in Metro Davao’s best condo complex has never been easier or more affordable.

Today, check out this RFO condo for sale in Metro Davao!

Purchase a Camella Condo in the Philippines

Camella Manors has a variety of condos for sale in the Philippines. The company and its complexes are much more than that! Camella believes that everyone should be able to buy their dream home in the city, and that is exactly what the brand provides.

Even if you’re migrating and choose to live higher up in a condominium, the brand projects have sub-urban-themed communities that delightfully showcase and make you feel the Filipino way of life. All of the initiatives are planned to work with commercial strips and amenities; to improve the overall quality of life in a single place.

In any of Camella Homes’ condos for sale across the country, you can find a life well-lived right now. Inquire about the condominiums for sale in Camella Homes, Camella Manors, by visiting the official website or following Camella on social media.

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