Examples of “What Makes You Unique?” Answers

What makes you unique? It is not a chance to reveal unusual habits or hobbies during an interview. It’s an opportunity to show the interviewer why you’d be the most extraordinary person for the job while demonstrating your ability to think quickly.

“What makes you unique” essentially refers to “What makes you an extraordinarily strong candidate?”

You should be ready to respond to the interview question “What makes you unique?” to prevent an awkward conversation. Here are sample responses to ensure you’re demonstrating yourself as a precious company asset.

How do you respond to “What makes you unique?”

  1. Mention the job description’s mentioned qualifications.
  2. Give examples from your own experience—mention previous successes or outcomes from your last employment.
  3. Avoid using assumptions like “I work hard.” Make your response convincing.
  4. Include important personality features that will enable you to produce results that are comparable in the future.
  5. Describe how your unique skills will assist the company in prospering to the interviewer.

Examples of “What Makes You Unique?” Answers and Why They Work

I have excellent communication skills. Therefore I have no trouble connecting with others.

Think about mentioning a personality quality you believe would fit the company well. After reading the job description, list the qualities that might set you apart from other candidates.

Furthermore, mentioning a personality feature in your response enables you to demonstrate why you’re a good fit for a position in which you lack previous experience.

For example, it’s crucial to show that you have good communication skills and the capacity to interact with various people when applying for a team leader job. You can correlate your personality to the traits of a great leader if you tell the interviewer, “I am an excellent communicator and find it’s easy for me to relate to other people.”

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I always look for new opportunities because I genuinely appreciate learning new things.

You show growth-focused and are unafraid of obstacles by emphasising your love of learning new things.

Additionally, by responding to the interviewer’s question, you can remind them of your unique qualifications for the position. After all, even though other applicants might have more relevant experience, you’re demonstrating your drive to perform the work fast and beyond expectations.

My previous work in customer service has given me specialised technical abilities that I can bring to this position.

If you have experience in a position that is very unlike the one for which you are applying, you could take advantage of this to explain how your background makes you especially qualified. You can ease the interviewer’s worries about your lack of industry experience with a response like this.

However, it would be best if you gave precise instances of how your former experience has given you specific transferrable talents.

For example, you may state, “My previous employment in customer service gave me the technical know-how and in-depth understanding of our product’s operation that I possess now. I will be able to use this information as a marketer to ensure that every campaign we run meets our customers’ demands.”

“I balance applying logic and emotional factors when solving difficulties. As an illustration, I’m skilled in SEO and know how to use analytics to ensure a marketing campaign is effective. Still, I majored in design, so I know how to bring creativity to a project.”

If you’re having trouble finding a way to highlight your unique abilities, consider how others in your firm approach difficulties and how your approach is different.

For instance, most people are either rational and use analytics or emotional and utilise creativity to solve problems. Finding someone who is both is uncommon. You should emphasise this fantastic skill if you genuinely think you can blend these two elements.

I could use my excellent organisation skills at my previous employer to simplify our procedures and boost ROI by 33%.


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