Foamex As Well As Hoarding- Which Should I Use To Make My Sign?

While we’ve been making Foamex Boards and Signs forever we’ve made them a featured item on our website – which you can buy. We’ll describe the features of Foamex Board and its applications, and see whether it is suitable for you.

What Exactly Is Foamex?

Foamex is a top quality, extremely flexible PVC foam that is fabricated friendly. It is simple to cut, bend, drill, and glue and make prints on it.

Foamex is mostly used to create signs, banners and display panels. It is possible to create high-quality visual display and signage products that appear higher in value than they actually are.

  •         Markers for Point of Sale
  •         Outdoor Signs
  •         Exhibition Panels
  •         Backdrop Displays
  •         Advertising Boards
  •         Interior Signage
  •         Stage Skirts
  •         Museum Displays
  •         Directional Signs

Other Semi-Permanent Displays

Foamex is made with a premium smooth finish that can be made or cut into shape which allows designers to design attractive graphics panels for advertising or exhibition applications. Foamex is an affordable alternative to expensive alternatives like wood, MDF aluminum, or MDF. It is also extremely durable.

Hoardings are water-resistant and weatherproof. It’s resistant to moisture and ideal for use on the outside, but we would suggest 5mm or greater to protect against wind when used on large signs.

Since it is a solid, strong material, it’s simple to hang with self-tapping screws, double-sided Velcro or double-sided adhesive pads. Installing it onto Foamex gives you superior quality and stability in dimensional terms. It can also be reused several times.

The most popular signage are the 3mm and 5mm thick boards because they can be cut to size however, the 10mm or 19mm thick boards tend to be more costly since it’s typically laser cut. Foamex may be cut to custom designs and also utilised as 3D block lettering in signage. It is coated to match the colour of.

Should One Choose Foamex Board Or Hoarding?

The three primary substances comprise Foamex, Correx, and Dibond. They are all trade names in each, but each one has its own advantages over the others.

If you’re not sure about one of the three items listed above, you can take to our blogs about Foamex and Dibond that provide the advantages and drawbacks of all three varieties.

  1.     The Right Choice For My Particular Sign

Selecting the best kind of site hoarding panels for your needs can depend on a number of factors such as the budget you have, the kind of quality you’d prefer and how long you’ll require the sign to last for.

  1.     Correx Signage

If you’re looking for an inexpensive, short-term and inexpensive small sign that is simple to put up outside of the house or in a shop such as an advertisement for sales or a sales sign, then the Correx sign is the right choice for you.

  1.     Foamex Signage

Are you looking for a bigger sign that is long-lasting and will showcase your company’s image? Foamex board printing may be the ideal option for you. Foamex is a smooth, flat surface that allows us to print with high-quality results. While Correx’s fluted design appears on the surface even after printing full coverage. Foamex can stand up to exposed positions longer than that of Correx.

  1.     Dibond Signage

If you’re willing to invest an extra amount for a sign that has a larger graphic area and are searching for something unique we suggest a Dibond sign. A Dibond sign is sure to attract the attention of the public with top-quality graphics and a smooth Aluminium surface.

It also provides extra durability, which can help the sign last seven years or more. Dibond is also coated with an anti-graffiti layer; it could save customers money by not needing to purchase a new sign prior to the weather taking its impact.

What Measurable Things Should I Select To Make My Sign?

Choosing the right type of signage to choose for your business is intimidating to make. 3mm Foamex boards are the ideal choice for indoor displays and graphics. It’s the ideal material to cover the shells of a scheme.

The more robust 5mm boards are ideal for any display that lasts or outdoor advertisement. The choice is entirely in your reach and with this information that we’ve provided we may have provided you a better understanding of what you might need.

Foamex Signposts Are Used To Identify ACS Stainless Steel

Exhibitions are excellent for networking as well as branding exposure. Through the year, a lot of our clients participate in exhibitions throughout the country. They often request our assistance in their marketing and exhibition materials.

Foamex signposts are a very popular choice for signage because they stand out and are an excellent substitute for posters. They’re also light, and therefore ideal for transporting to events and exhibitions. occasions.

ACS utilised the Foamex signs to decorate their booth to give visitors information about what they do, the structures and building elements, as well as career opportunities within ACS. We believe they were beautiful and it seems like that the event was a huge success!

Signs Made Of Foamex And Correx: The Short-Term Sign Solution

If you are considering short-term sign solutions, be aware of the area the sign will be placed in, the long the sign must remain in place, and any other considerations of a practical nature.

If you are in need of an interim sign that has a metal backing particularly if the sign has to be taken down or replaced often the magnetic signs are an ideal alternative. Magnetic signs can be attached to surfaces made of metal, like the body of a car or van and are typically flexible, which allows them to be folded for storage when they are not being used.

Magnetic signs typically have a time of five years when used in regular use; they are priced competitively in comparison to other alternatives for use for a long period of time, but are more expensive if being used for short durations of duration.

If you need signs that are temporary during good weather or indoors, you can consider correx signs. Correx signs are constructed of the polypropylene fluted plastic which is similar to cardboard made of plastic. Correx signs are affordable and simple to make However; they are not extremely sturdy and are not suitable for high winds.

Correx can be described as a distinct corrugated plastic brand; however it has become so popular in Europe that it’s now a trademark that covers any corrugated material. Correx is often referred to as twin wall plastic and is recyclable to a great extent. It is usually produced in sheets of 4mm thickness; it is also uncommon to come across other types of thicknesses.

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Alex is the Marketing Head at Foamex Printing Company based in the UK. His value-driven ideas and innovative approach in the printing industry lead him towards success. Alex also has a keen interest in writing informative blogs for various leading blog sites.

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