Four Signs That Warns You To Change Your Tyres Immediately

Ideally, the tyres of any vehicle should be replaced within every 5 or 6 years of its application, regardless of the miles covered. In the day to day ride, tyres have to go through certain harsh road conditions, variable weather, sometimes extra friction and hence more tear in the consecutive years of use. Gradually, the tyre rubber becomes hard which reduces the braking abilities of the tyres. Not just old tyres, even the good condition tyres should be replaced as their tread is prone to wear after some years.

While if you are using a torn or damaged tyre for days, you have to go through potential levels of danger. For instance, damaged tyres offer very little traction and friction with the road surface. So, to prevent yourself from any driving risks, here are some of the basic warning indications that one must consider to replace their tyres as early as possible. 4×4 Tyres Coventry is one of the popular places for tyre replacement in the UK.

1. Over Heating

As the tyre gets damaged, there is less channel for the air exchange between the tread grooves and hence less cooling. This subsequently builds up heat inside the tyre which degrades the tyre rubber. In the worst case, excessive heat causes the tyre to burst which might be a life-risking scenario.

2. Puncture

A torn or damaged tyre has more chances of falling into a puncture. Especially, when the tyre strikes sharp objects like fragmented glass, iron nails, and metal shavings, it is more likely to puncture. It is the tread that safeguards the tyre rubber from getting punctured. However, multiple and frequent tyre punctures call for an immediate replacement.

3. Aquaplaning

It is recommended to change your tyres before the start of the winters and monsoons. But, if you are ignoring this advise then it will surely result in aquaplaning during rains. Generally, the tread depth makes the tyre capable of driving over rainy roads.  However, when the tyre is damaged and worn out then your vehicle will simply slide on the water even if you are steering hard to regain driving control.

4. Air Leakage

One of the common problems that occur with the tyres is the loss of air pressure. Yes, this is the major reason why the tyre gets worn out even easier. Loss of pressure subsequently causes under inflation and that is the obvious cause for the down fuel economy. On the other side, a set of brand new tyres are cost saving in terms of fuel economy.

Therefore, it is essentially recommended to check the air pressure of the tyres after 15 days. The goal is to keep the tyres properly inflated and balanced all the time. If not after a fixed span of 5 years, ensure that you replace your tyres after every 40,000 km. Moreover, it is important to replace all the tyres of the car in one go. If you are using a new tyre for replacement then you are good to go. Else if you are using a spare part for replacement then check the health of the tyre before fitting it to the vehicle.

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Final Thoughts

Being a driver or a car owner, it is very important to understand the importance of tyre maintenance. Ensure the brakes are working effectively, the engine is getting regular servicing, your car is all clean and nice. These are the things that we need to keep an eye on regularly. By ensuring your tyres are in tip-top condition, you are essentially improving your vehicle’s performance and driver safety too. However, if you will ignore them for once, then your tyres will start to degrade which might pose a serious consequence in near future, both in terms of your health and your pocket.

If you are driving with torn tyres then you may be stopped by the UK police and they may even charge you a fine of up to £2,500 for each defective tyre. Apart from that, you will be charged three penalty points on your license, for each damaged tyre.

There are multiple types of tyres available in the market to suit your optimum performance needs. You can pick a premium international brand tyre like Michelin, Pirelli, Dunlop, and Yokohama for replacing your tyres. All of these top brands are available at Car Tyres Coventry. Additionally, make sure that you are getting the health of the tyre checked by an expert professional if you are unsure about the life shell of the tyres.

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