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When an ant infestation occurs inside our homes, problems immediately begin as they are difficult to eradicate. This is due to the ability of the ants to create nests very quickly in the vicinity of the first.

Furthermore, when an effective disinfestation is not carried out and the causes are not eliminated, the ant infestation recurs frequently and even after years. In some cases, ant traps or other chemical or natural products are used, but their use almost never produces a definitive result especially if the infestation is linked to the presence of various colonies.

When we find ourselves in these cases, the best solution is undoubtedly to contact companies in the sector, specialized in pest control, which, thanks to the experience acquired, and the availability of adequately trained personnel, can implement a methodology that solves the problem also using suitable materials. The search for food is the cause of the arrival of ants inside the houses; in fact, they are attracted by smells even from a great distance and they all travel the same road thus giving life to endless columns, which see them busy taking food and then bringing it inside the colony for the nourishment of the larvae.

Generally, ant pest control costs vary according to the intervention and range from a minimum of 50 AUD, for small treatments, to a maximum of 200/300 AUD, for interventions in larger areas. In several cases, in fact, it is necessary to intervene in elevated or difficult to reach places, in these cases the complications of the intervention can affect the final cost. Furthermore, to obtain an effective service it may be necessary to propose repeated treatments.


The price of this service varies based on a series of factors, among which the most important is undoubtedly the degree of extension of the infestation, but also the difficulties that the company in charge can find to reach the place of the call, the size of the house to be disinfected, and ultimately also the geographical position. Surely the cost of a disinfestation in cities like Milan, Catania or Rome is different.

Another variable that has an effect on the cost is the type of pests which is directly linked to the choice of products to be used for pest control and the type of treatment, with chemical ones that have lower prices, for example, to a thermal and ecological treatment. The place where the infestation occurred is also important for the purpose of calculating the price, as the environment of a bathroom is certainly easier to disinfect than an attic or a cellar where various different materials may be stacked. between them.

n all cases it is good to plan an inspection before moving on to the actual pest control in order to receive advice to prevent new infestations after the first one has been eradicated. The price for ant pest control starts at approximately 55 AUD.

  • Ant pest control costs: how much does it cost to have a professional pest control service with the bait-insecticide method from 50 to 400 AUD
  • Ant pest control costs: how much does it cost to have a follow-up visit or a monthly application from an ant exterminator from 20 to 70 AUD per visit
  • Ant pest control costs: how much does it cost to have quarterly visits from an ant exterminator from 30 to 120 AUD
  • Ant pest control costs: how much does it cost to have a one-year treatment from an ant exterminator from 300 to 800 AUD
  • Ant pest control costs: how much does it cost to have a carpenter ant pest control from 500 to 1000 AUD
  • Ant pest control costs: how much does it cost to have a fire ant pest control from 100 to 400 AUD

All prices are indicative and can vary from low to the intervention. For more information on our pest control services, request a free quote.


In our country, there are various species of ants and in most cases, they are attracted to environments with warm temperatures and therefore the problem of ant infestation occurs especially when the hot months of late spring and summer arrive and the ants leave their underground burrows to go in search of food. The biggest problem related to the presence of ants inside the house is when the infestation occurs in the kitchen.

In fact, although ants are not direct carriers of diseases, in their search for food there is the possibility of contact with “pathogens” which could then settle on food but also on dishes and other objects. In this way, humans and pets could contract diseases. The presence of ants in the house also causes an obvious nuisance for the inhabitants and produces a lack from the point of view of hygiene, so you must be very careful to avoid their entry into the house or provide for their elimination quickly, acting both on adult specimens than on the colony.


As in all various activities, the best solution to eliminate ant infestations is prevention. In fact, a few precautions are necessary, first of all, hygiene, for example avoiding forgetting leftover food or dirty dishes in the kitchen. Also with regard to the pantry, it must be ensured that the food is placed in sealed bags or containers.

To remove all food residues, you can use a vacuum cleaner to remove them. In the hottest periods, ants are also attracted to water and for this, it is necessary that the sink is dried very carefully, especially in the evening. Anyone who has pets in the house must also pay close attention to the cleanliness of their bowls.

To prevent an ant infestation, it is also necessary to eliminate any water leaks from the pipes, seal any cracks that may be present in the various rooms and also mow the vegetation that can be found in the vicinity of the house.

For more information on our ant pest control services and costs, ask for a free quote.

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