Govern Your Custom Pillow Boxes Factors

One of the first problems people run into when starting their own business is finding ways to present their products. They sell, but they need something for customers to receive everything in. It is tough to start without affinities or money. Many people believe that Custom Pillow Boxes make customers buy more. They enhance the product’s appearance and protects it during transit.           

Pillow boxes are one inexpensive way to package your:

  • Homemade soaps
  • Candles
  • Lotions
  • Bath bombs
  • Etc.

Plan Your Pillow Boxes Wholesale Efficiently

They maintain a professional look while on display at craft shows and boutiques. Before buying an expensive machine or spending hours manually folding the boxes, you should consider several things.            

Conclude the Nature of Your Craft

First, you should decide how you will trade your goods. If you are selling at a craft show or boutique, your only option is probably to buy Pillow Boxes Wholesale. Since, they are almost pre-made. 

However, if you plan to sell over the Internet through an eCommerce store like Etsy or eBay, this is where making your pillow boxes can come in handy. You can design them. However, you want and print out as many as needed without purchasing machinery, unlike the options available for retail stores.            

Determine the Nature of Your Product

The most important thing about pillow boxes is making sure they fit whatever you are packaging inside them. For example, if you are only selling bath bombs, it’s best to find boxes that can fit two or three inside them. 

If your customer buys six bath bombs and the box is too small for all of them to fit, they will not be pleased. They won’t take home their purchase right away. Thus, it kills the excitement upon receiving their products.          

Determine the Space inside the Box

You also need to ensure enough room around the product once packaged. So, customers aren’t getting less than what they paid for. There should be one inch between each side of the pillow box. Yet, the item inside it while looking from above; two inches on either side if possible. 

If there isn’t this wiggle room, the product will squish inside the box. It is highly frustrating for customers. Since, you are taking away what they are paying for.          

Determine the Number of Items in Box

Another thing to consider is if you plan on selling more than one item at a time in your pillow boxes. There isn’t an issue if you sell only one candle per package. Customers can see how big it is without holding it. 

However, if you bundle bath bombs together and put two or three inside each pillow box, this becomes a problem. The customer won’t know exactly how large or small each product is inside until they purchase them. So, keep that in observance while designing.            

Ways to Seal Pillow Boxes

You need to seal the pillow boxes. So that customers can’t open them up and take out their purchase without paying for it first. You can do this in several ways. 

  1. One simple option is using adhesive tape. Just make sure that the tape’s glue won’t damage the product inside. Otherwise, your customer might experience negative effects once they finally open it at home.
  2. Another option is simply taping the ends together with regular scotch tape. However, this is not as effective or secure as adhesive tape. It can easily fall off mid-transit. Thus, it will frustrate your customer since they probably waited in line behind others to purchase from you.
  3. You can also use twist ties, rubber bands, or even masking tape for this purpose. The key is to make sure it’s durable enough to hold the boxes together during transit. Further, customers will not tamper easily once they’re finally inside their own home.

Final Note 

If you are going for a simple design that doesn’t allow much room for creativity, then the Pillow Boxes Wholesale will probably do just fine. However, suppose your product is more complex in shape and size. In that case, you might allocate more time and money to designing something unique. 

It might not disappoint those who expect your products in their hands. Customizing makes those customers feel special. They know that you put extra effort into making their products specially made just for them.

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